The Hacker

A girl genius and her best friend, are one day taken by a secret society that plans on using her mind for their battle against another secret society in a different country. But this is no regular war, this is covert war. Will they decide to take the challenge? Or will they pack their bags and go home?


1. The Hack


“Ok, I get it now,” I tried to shush my teacher. “That makes sense.”

But that didn’t seem to make her stop. She kept going on about the difference between centrifugal and centripetal forces. Yet, it didn’t really stop there, she just kept going. I was annoyed and the class looked at me like I was dumb, even for the popular girl. I kind of started to believe them.

“-okay, and that’s the difference!” Ms. G finished.

“Okay, well, I’ll just get back to work then.” I replied.

So I worked through the rest of the class on something I really didn’t care too much about. We had to construct a model of what we thought it would be like if we built an oxygen dome on the moon. We had to include a list of some forces that would be similar and different. I had forgotten what centrifugal and centripetal was, but it didn’t matter. She made me look like a fool because I made a mistake. Big whoop.

The bell rung and class was let out after what seemed like an eternity. My best friend, Felicia came out of the math classroom. 

Felicia looked so pretty that day. Her long brunet hair came down past her shoulders, straight as an arrow. She wore a pink headband that was embroidered with blue flowers. She had a long grey sweater with a turquoise shirt underneath. A dark grey pair of jeans with turquoise Converse just made the outfit. I had curly, auburn hair that came about the same length as Felicia’s. I had a black and grey concert t-shirt with a burgundy Aeropostale sweatshirt. I had jeans and sparkly Converse. We both were obsessed with Converse and couldn’t possibly live without them.

“That was the longest period ever!” Felicia sighed.

“Tell me about it,” I said, “Ms. G made me look so dumb in front of the whole class! She took, like, 20 minutes to explain to me something that could have been explained in 2 seconds! Ugh!”

“I’m so sorry, Sam” she replied “Let’s go to lunch and just take a bit of a breather from this! I’ll tell you about what happened in math today. I just don’t understand why the teachers put us in every class together except math and science. It’s so frustrating!”

So we went down the stairs and turned the corner to the atrium. As we came to the room, we were stopped by one of the meanest teacher who ever stepped foot on earth, Miss Hurk.

“Girls,” she said “We have been looking for you! It was reported that you two were missing from your classes all morning by an anonymous student who will remain anonymous.”

“Um, we’ve been at school all morning.” Felicia said.

“Yeah, you can ask any of our teachers,” I added “We haven’t done anything wrong!”

“Well, the attendance for only you girls said that you haven’t been here. So, we called your houses, and your parents said that they sent you to school. You see, that’s an issue, we don’t exactly love trying to find a missing student, let alone two missing students.” Miss Hurk scolded.

“I swear that we have been in school all day so far! Just ask any of our teachers! All of them if you please!” Felicia said, panicking.

Felicia was a really good student. She got straight A’s and rarely got into trouble. When she did get in trouble, it was usually for accidently stealing a pen or something. She did have a daredevil side to her, but it didn’t come out very often. While I was a little different. I was the type to be treated like I wasn’t smart, when in reality, I was pretty dang smart. I knew the answers to the questions and I knew what was going to come out of the teacher’s mouth. The only thing was, I didn’t care about grades and I didn’t care about whether or not I got to look smart. Since my extremely intelligent side of me didn’t come out often, I was treated like I didn’t have that side to begin with. I didn’t care though, school didn’t matter to me.

“Fine, since you guys are such great liars, I’ll check with the respective teachers for information.” Miss Hurk stated firmly.

Before we could tell her that we weren’t lying, she just sauntered off into the hallway.

“That is so peculiar!” exclaimed Felicia.

“Peculi-what?” I lied. I knew what it meant.

“Sam, you don’t have to pretend, I know you’re incredibly smart.” Felicia stared me down.

“Oh, I forgot about that.” I replied

Felicia was the only one, besides my parents and earlier teachers that knew I was smart. She wasn’t supposed to know, but one day she found out. My parents make me take tests at home to test my true abilities, and in return, I can get a C or higher on my report card. What I did was I did average work through the year, but when the big tests came or the end of the quarter/year reports came, I passed with straight A’s.  Getting a C sounded easy, but keeping it from people was difficult. Since Felicia and I are such good friends, our parents allow us to go to each other’s houses whenever we feel like it, as long as we’re not home too late. Unless we plan on having a sleepover. Anyway, when I was taking one of my parent’s tests, I did it in my room, and I forgot to give it to them when I was done. I had completely forgotten that I had done the test when Felicia came by. She went up to my room to get something, and she found the test. She brought it down and asked me what it was because she thought it looked really difficult. So, I told her the truth. Ever since then, Felicia knew that I was incredibly smart. I mean, my teacher’s didn’t know because they hadn’t had me the year before, so I usually stunned them with my ability.

“It’s okay, I know that you’re used to covering it up.” Felicia smiled.

I smiled back at her as we headed into the atrium.

The question came, the question I had known she’d ask, but she never did. The one I had prepared for, several times over.

“Why do you keep your intelligence a secret? I mean, I would love to be that smart, and between you and me, I’d like everyone to know it.” Felicia took a bite casually out of her PB&J sandwich.

“It’s not a very good answer,” I looked in the other direction, towards the door.

“Just tell me, it’s not like I would judge you or anything.” She pleaded.

“I’m worried that people would think I’m-don’t make me do this.” I cut myself off.

“Please tell me. I’m your best friend.” She asked.

“Yeah, well best friends don’t make each other do things they don’t want to do.” I snapped.

Felicia looked away and took a second before she replied. “I think I’m just gonna go now, I have to work on my project for science.”

“Look, I’m sorry,” I said “I didn’t mean to snap at you, I just, I don’t like talking about it.”

“It’s not fair to question our friendship over something like that. You’re my buddy.” She looked at me, eyes wider than ever.

“I truly am sorry, please don’t leave. A dork. I’m worried that people will think I’m a dork.” I confessed.

She turned around and looked at me.

“Really? Everybody loves you. You’re the cool girl. The only reason why people like me is because I’m friends with Sam Wesson. Like, OMG!” She explained.

I laughed. I was kind of the popular girl at school because people thought it was cool that I didn’t care about school and it didn’t seem like my parents did either. I have been known to also tell a good joke. Although many people like me, they all knew that the best friend spot was reserved and taken. At least they still liked me though. There were many times when people tried to turn Felicia and me against each other, but no matter what, we ended up back together, better than ever. Not only were we back together, but it was almost like we had never been better friends before.

Just then, the wanna-be popular girls walked up. There was this one group of friends that were notorious for wanting to be popular. They called themselves the Pops. Everyone knew that they called themselves the Pops because they thought that each other was so popular, but they covered up by constantly having a lollipop in their mouth. Their names were Jackie, Jill, and Julie. They were really nice to Felicia and me, but they seemed kind of desperate. We were still all friends though.

“Hey Sam!” exclaimed Jackie.

“Jackie, don’t be rude. Let me start this over. Hey Sam and Felicia!” Jill exaggerated the and.

“Well, saying things thrice is better than twice!” Julia said, “Hi guys!”

“Hi!” Felicia and I said at the same time.

Honestly, it was nice to see them. I mean, they were our good friends, despite their desperation. It actually had nothing to do with Felicia and my fight because when we have fights, it’s almost like we telepathically forgive each other and move on. I think as soon as they started talking, we looked at each other and forgave each other. I was glad that the fight was over with.

“You won’t believe what happened today!” Jackie whispered with excitement.

“What?” I said.

Jill continued Jackie’s statement. “There was like, a school wide search for you two! Where have you been?”

“This is so weird! We have been here all day long! Miss Hurk stopped us on our way in to the atrium!” Felicia said.

“I know that I’ve skipped school once or twice,” Felicia gave me the tsk tsk finger motion as I said this, “but, I definitely wouldn’t take Felicia with me. No offense, but you are a little more goodie two shoes than me. I’m not proud of it!”

“Then what is going on?” Julia questioned.

Just as Julia said this, Miss Hurk came into the bright atrium. She scowled at the Pops and they stepped backwards, just out of earshot. Their facial expressions told us that they really wanted to know what happened. I was willing to tell them.

“You girls,” Miss Hurk said through her teeth, “I think that you guys have a deal with your teachers, they all said you were here.”

“That’s probably because, oh, maybe we, how do I put this, um, WERE HERE!” I replied with my awesome comeback.

“Don’t you dare snap at me!” Miss Hurk whispered harshly to us.

“I’m not one to usually be snappish like that, but you’re not being fair. All our teachers said that we were here, and you don’t believe us!” Felicia said with pride but a little nervously as well.

“So some attitude is being shown here? I don’t think that is such a great idea after everything today. You know, the principal’s office is just upstairs. I have attitude too, do I not?” She smiled evilly. I rolled my eyes.

“Look, I get it. I’ve skipped school a few times and am untrustworthy, but I wouldn’t even think of taking Felicia with me! She would feel so horribly guilty! I don’t think it would be fair for Felicia if I did that.” I said.

Just then, the school alarm rang. Not the usual fire drill siren, but the siren if someone that appeared to be a threat had stepped on campus. Felicia and I ran under the table as the blinds drew on the atrium. All the lights went out and all the doors were locked.

“What is going on today with all of this madness?” Felicia whispered.

“I don’t know, but it’s kind of starting to freak me out. Honestly, this is making me feel like I’m in a horror movie. The pretty girl dies first, bu-bye, Felicia.” I quietly joked.

Felicia let out a little giggle. “I know how you feel; I’m in the exact same position as you! But worse.”

“How is your position worse than mine? We have the same exact problem!” I whispered.

“Um, I’ve never even thought of skipping school in my life!” Felicia replied.

“What is going on? First, you two aren’t in the books, and now, someone has broken into this locked school? We have number locks, gates, and key locks! How could someone get inside?” Miss Hurk said.

“Do you believe us now? I mean, someone could have hacked the security system of the computer and changed things.” I said, almost in a reply.

“But why would someone change our attendance, what does that have to do with anything?” Felicia questioned.

The sirens stopped and I thought about what our attendance had to do with anything. What if…

“Wait, this sounds a little farfetched, but, what if they were trying to take us. I mean, if the school thought we were at home, and our parents thought we were here, then it would be pretty simple to take us. Well, I’d fight a little, but, it still helps. They could have weapons…” I trailed off.

At that moment, a huge crash came from above us. Glass shattered all across the floor and scraped my hands and knees. A large man in a black suit landed on the floor beside us. I stood perfectly still while holding Felicia. I was really scared to be quite honest and with good reason as well. The man in the black suit stood tall, and he was thick, not fat. He looked around as if he had lost something and spotted Felicia and I underneath the table.

He reached out and tried to grab me and Felicia by our arms, but we kicked and screamed and resisted.  I yelled, but it was almost as if I couldn’t yell hard enough, and nobody heard me. Miss Hurk tried to pry us off, but that was when the man in back pulled out a gun. With us being grabbed by our arms, he had a rope that attached him to the roof of our atrium. He pulled it, and we all lifted up, saying goodbye to our school forever.

When we were on the roof, the sleek black shingles reflected the sun and blinded me. There were even more men in black, and they were just as big as the one that had taken us up in the first place. Suddenly, one of the big men took a big silver tank and pointed the nozzle toward Felicia’s and my faces. Felicia fell over and I screamed, but I noticed that things were slowly going black… 

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