The Hacker

A girl genius and her best friend, are one day taken by a secret society that plans on using her mind for their battle against another secret society in a different country. But this is no regular war, this is covert war. Will they decide to take the challenge? Or will they pack their bags and go home?


3. Escape


I snuck out into the hallway with a careful watch on those timed cameras. I hugged the wall and Felicia did everything I did, and it seemed like it was working really well. The only problem was that this whole set-up seemed way too easy. Two kids could escape from somewhere that seemed like it should be high security…it didn’t make sense. Whatever was going on, we were nearing the escape, or what I thought was the escape. A huge metal door surrounded by walls of concrete and floor of concrete. It seemed like we had just breached the jail and we were heading back to continue the lives we had.

We dashed to the door as the camera’s red light stopped blinking and I felt an extreme wave of positivity over me. I mean life changing positivity. As all good things do, that wave of positivity soon faded away when we saw another giant padlock. This meant trouble, big trouble.

We were dumbfounded for ideas; we tried 1-2-3-4 and 4-3-2-1 and 2-5-8-0 and 0-0-0-0. Yet this all seemed a little backwards, which was when my idea struck. Maybe that’s how they remember it! Yes, 0-8-5-2! If everything seemed backwards, everything includes the code. The door opened up just like that and I saw my daily dose of sunlight and freedom. This was the high security building that I thought it would be. It had cranes and metal contraptions and the building was about two warehouses tall and wide. It was honestly the biggest place I had ever been to. I turned to Felicia and she was smiling. That must’ve meant it felt good to her too. 

We were outside, but where to go next? I looked around and spotted a barbed-wire fence and was ecstatic. Could this really be it? Felicia and I bolted over to the fence and as soon as I got there, my face fell. This fence had to have been twenty to thirty feet tall. I didn't have any ideas as to how we were supposed to get up there. I snapped out of my condescending thoughts and looked up only to feel like a complete weakling. Felicia was at the top of the fence, smiling down at me.

"You aren't the only one with a special talent!" Felicia shouted at me.

I couldn't help but smile. I was jealous of her fearlessness and endurance for getting up there. I lifted my right leg and placed my foot through the diamond in the fence. Why isn't this electric, I thought. This seemed way too easy. But I hoisted my other leg to a higher diamond and placed my hands on even higher diamonds. I repeated this until I found myself at the top of the fence and was amazed at what I saw up there.

The warehouse was sitting between large, sandy dunes that were one or two hundred feet tall each. The sun was just beginning to set, and the bright yellow sun was turning gold and setting into a orange, and pink-purple sky. It was one of the most magnificent views ever. But there wasn't time to be sentimental about the image. 

I started to wonder how to get down, when I saw Felicia halfway down the fence, and quickly climbing down the opposite way we came up. I started to go down like her, but was again not nearly as quick as her. She had a determined smile on her face as we bolted towards the sand dune.

Free at last. Or so I thought...

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