The Hacker

A girl genius and her best friend, are one day taken by a secret society that plans on using her mind for their battle against another secret society in a different country. But this is no regular war, this is covert war. Will they decide to take the challenge? Or will they pack their bags and go home?


4. Caught

Bright lights flashed at us from the total darkness that had set in quickly after the sunset. Felicia was even crying softly. She missed home, and so did I, but she missed home more. She didn't understand why she was here. I was starting to realize that they wanted her for her physical abilities and wanted me for my brain. But the question that I was pondering was why they wanted us so bad? Were we the only pair of advanced kids? We couldn't be. 

Once again, the men in the black suits with the plastic earpieces came and pointed the barrel at our faces. I fought it, but it was no use. They were bigger and stronger and I shouldn't have even wasted my breath, but there was a small shred of hope that Mr. X was the last man in the black suit I would ever see. 

Once again, I watched as Felicia fainted, but this time I didn't scream. What was the use in screaming? No one would hear me, not anyone that would save me. The big silver barrel pointed at me once again, and I smiled. Why someone in my position would smile, is a question that I don't know the answer to. I was just feeling very confident. I had beaten them before, I can beat them again. That's when things started to go dark...

When I woke up for the second time, everything was the same as the last awakening except for a few little changes. First of all, there were two other little lumps in two other beds beside me and the room was bigger. This must be a different room, but who was the other little lump? Felicia raised her head and I could imagine that she was thinking the same things as me. She slowly turned her head toward me, and cocked it to the side with a perplexed facial expression. Who was that other little lump?

The other lump slowly raised its head and turned toward us. I didn't recognize him at all, he was so different in his looks than us. He was a good height, and he was of average width, but there was something very different. He was definitely from somewhere in Asia, perhaps Japan, Korea, or China, but although he was from a different continent, that wasn't the thing that was so different. He had a face that made you want to do anything to please him...I would do anything to please him. It wasn't a crush, it was more like wanting to please a teacher or parent. It was a feeling that I had never felt toward another kid.

I guess I had a dumbfounded look on my face, so he laughed and turned away. He was still smiling when he turned back toward us.

"Hi, my name is Kiyoko. You can call me Kiyo." The other kid-I guess Kiyo-said.

"Are you the kid that Mr. X was talking about? I'm Samantha, but I hate that, so call me Sam." I said

"Ah, I think I can manage that. How about you?" Kiyo nodded toward Felicia.

"I'm Felicia. How come I feel like I can't lie to you?" She asked boldly.

Kiyo laughed again, "That's my secret 'weapon', " he air quoted, "That's why we're here in the first place. I can persuade people to do almost anything. That's my strength. What about you guys?" he asked.

"I'm smart for my age. It sounds so horrible, like I'm bragging about myself." I said, red-faced.

"It's fine. Everybody has something special about them and it's okay to say so." Kiyo replied. It made sense.

"I am advanced with physical abilities," Felicia said, embarrassed as well.

Kiyo picked up on her embarrassment and assured her that she wasn't being arrogant and gave his infamous smile.

"Did you try to escape too?" asked Kiyo.

How did he know? I wonder if he escaped as well? It's a possibility.

"Yeah, we did, and we were over the fence, but they caught us. How did you get caught? I thought you could persuade people of most things." I replied, Felicia staying awfully quiet.

"There is a really strange part to the persuasion. If they wear sunglasses, than I can't get through. I guess that these people know that. You see that they wear sunglasses all the time. There is no convincing them." Kiyo said longingly.

Just then, a panel opened in the room out of nowhere and this time, I knew they weren't going to let us out. Mr. X, wearing the same suit, earpiece, and a pair of sunglasses. Kiyo's explanation made sense now.

"You all passed." Mr. X said.

We all got confused. Wait, what? What does he mean we passed. We tried to escape, not stay and do whatever it is that they want us to do.

"We gave you the things you needed to escape, and you did it. We're impressed, but it's not that easy." Mr. X explained.

I remember thinking that things didn't seem right.

"So this was all a huge set-up?" I asked. I was furious, I was so close.

"Don't think of it as that. You should be proud that you were so observant, I applaud you. But that was just a challenge." Mr. X explained further.

I was so disappointed. When will I go home? I don't want to be here, I want to be in my room doing the little tests my parents give me. I miss my parents.

"The next thing that we are going to have you do is help us. We're just going to throw you into the middle of a war. This is different than it sounds. This is an information war. America is at war with England and we need you to steal a piece of information back. We aren't moving forward as to where the information is, so we are a little desperate." Mr. X said

I'm going to war. I'm going to war. I'm going to war. Suddenly things went black, just like the silver barrels that have been pointed at us twice.



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