The Key

Georgia and her friend Toni find a door, but no key. They rattle it and knock but they can't open it. Theories go on around them on what the door can hold behind it. Toni wants to see it so badly and then her parents find out about it and search. Can they find out what it's about and what horrors could be held from them.


2. Door

I stumbled in to Georgia's place. The old stone cottage stood there, it looked like it would practically fall down it was that old. I knocked on the door. Georgia opened it immanently. I opened my mouth to speak but instead got a mouth full of the house's scent. I felt her tight grasp around my wrist. She shoved me on to the spare bike that she had in garage and we were riding. I went slower and seen as my legs were longer I pedalled slower as well. After a good half an hour ride, Pip ran beside me with ease, we arrived at a clearing. I was not far from where we were before but I thought but than to bring this up. 

"See Toni, I told it was weird." She said leaning against her bike, proud and happy.

"No you didn't but it is. What's on the other side?" I asked her, she looked at my. shocked at what I had just said. I took my eyes away from the door and then looked around it. There was a wall holding it up but there was no back. There was no house for it to be an entrance. It was just their. The clearing was black and all of the trees were dead. The bushes were mangled sticks. It was legend that the house had blown up from some magic spell that had backfired and all that was left was a door. I had never believed it let alone see the prof that it was real. 

"Well what are you waiting for? Open it!" I encouraged her.

"What do you think I am, Hermione Granger? There is NO key!" she had yelled at me. 

"Sorry, don't do havada kadavra on me for peats sake!" I yelled back, "Come on Pip." I said. The dog was on top of the ruined wall. She looked at me, excitement was there in her eyes. She bounced off the wall and joined me as I started to ride away. 

"Where are you going?" Georgia shouted to me.

"Research!" was all I said, I pedalled faster and harder wanting to know more.

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