The Key

Georgia and her friend Toni find a door, but no key. They rattle it and knock but they can't open it. Theories go on around them on what the door can hold behind it. Toni wants to see it so badly and then her parents find out about it and search. Can they find out what it's about and what horrors could be held from them.


1. Call

"Come on Pip, time for your walk." I said, exhaustion full in my throat. The dog barked jumping up and down. Pip was a liver and white English springer. I had her for almost a year, but she was so excitable that it was terrible walking her. I clipped her lead around her neck and then it was like a transformation. As soon as she hears the lead clip click, she turns in to a husky. No stopping her when she goes. My hand grips her lead tight and I yank her back. I know it was cruel on her but it sent her the message, she didn't pull for a while.


We had been walking through the woods, I had lost sight of the dog so whistled and heard her bark. I smiled and then walked on. the birds sung their fabulous songs, where as they hid from the above threats. Taunting the starving sparrow-hawks and kites. My phone buzzed violently in my pocket, it was from Georgia. 

"Hey what's up?" I had said casually down the phone,

"Toni, where are you?"

"In the woods why."

"Come over to my house, bring Pip."

The line went dead, I whistled over to Pip and we ran over to her house. What would be so important that I would have to come over to her's? Only one way to find out. My feet pounded the earth harder and faster, the ground flew by.

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