A Hogwarts Champion

The triwizard tournament was never meant to happen again. After last time everybody felt certain of that.

Yet after the war the ministry feel that as unity is the main factor of the tournament, its the right time to host one!
Hogwarts, Durmstrang and Beauxbatons will join again and compete for glory.
This time the teachers will all be subjected to veritaserum beforehand though!)

Will it all work out this time? Or was the triwizard tournament just something to be forgotten and move on from?


7. Chapter 7

Cheers. Boos. Catcalls. Chaos. Noise.

Everything seemed magnified, standing in front of the entire school and extra schools, made Kayleigh realize how big all of them were.

Gripping her thin strip of wood, she forced herself to remember it was in fact a very powerful wand which was now her greatest aid... In this arena...

What was the challenge? Surely something should have happened by now. Anything...

Move. Kayleigh instructed herself as she pulled a foot out in front of her, with what seemed a great effort. In her mind she was running over all the spells/ curses etc she had learned recently...

You can do this Kayleigh! 

She looked around trying to see what she was supposed to do. It just looked like a plain grass field... The large stands, where all the students sat huddled. All clad in red to show support for her, the other schools wore there own robes.

focusing again on what she must do now, Kayleigh looked around once more. If she saw nothing, she was going to shout up to the judges and ask what was going on. That's when she saw the wooden table, tucked in one of the corners of the arena. Jogging towards it, she decided it must be something important if it was here.

The wood was dark, and clearly very old. It had a roughened top and its legs were thick. On it stood two small vials. One had a murky mud like substance in it, she recognized polyjuice potion immediately having been the lead potion maker for the D.A.when Harry and co were on a Voldemort hunt. It bubbled slowly and its distinct color were its main characteristics. She took a step or two closer to it, hoping to maybe unravel why it was here. What could they possibly have done to polyjuice potion? There had been nothing added to it, the coloring proved this to her. They could not be expected to make it... For one they had no ingredients laid out and, it was already made.

"What exactly am I supposed to be doing?" She yelled up at the stands in frsutration, the crowd laughed back at her, shaking their heads and pointing behind her. Kayleigh twisted around to peer behind her in the direction which they were pointing.

A large tree stood behind her, reaching to almost the top of the arena she was standing in, the leafy tree canopy hung down over the top, fanning around it and reaching mid way down the trunk roughly. She jogged lightly towards it, the task must have something to do with this tree...

Suddenly a voice screeched down at her from the stands:

"Climb the tree!!!" It yelled, she glanced behind her quickly to try and spot who had spoken from the crowd, it was somebody from the Slytherin end for sure, but who it was she could not tell. Still, as a deep gong sounded, she scampered up the tree like she had been told, her wand gripped in between her teeth.

Sweat dripped dopwn her face and on her back as she dragged herself painstakingly up the tree, but she had a feeling that it was urgent she climb this tree...

"Come on, lets get her!" Came a voice from below her suddenly, this was greeted by enthusiasm from others, who replied with loud cheers and whoops.

Fear clutched her heart as she realised something... They were talking about her. She looked down at them, clinging to the thick branch she was perched on precariously.

They glared up at her, and one of them docked an arrow in their bow, aiming up at the bit of her they could spot from the ground. The twang of the arrow being released startled Kayleigh, what kind of a challenge was this? It was not just a test of skill, it was a life threatening situation! The arrow whistled through the air, almost appearing in slow motion to Kayleigh, and missed her by mere inches. She felt the slight breeze caused by the arrow brush past her left cheek, and closed her eyes as her breathing became uneven.

What was she meant to do from up here?

"USE YOUR WAND!" Screeched the same voice as before, and internally slapping herself for having to be reminded, Kayleigh took one hand from around the branch and removed the wand from her teeth, clutching on even tighter to the branch with her other hand.

"Stupefy!" She muttered, waving her wand as best she could from her position in the tree.

It hit one of the people from below the tree in the face, blasting them off their feet and they promptly vanished in a puff of purple smoke upon hitting the ground.

"Get her! What are you waiting for?!" Demanded one of the others, a slight fear in his voice as he watched the remnants of smoke disappear from where his companion had landed. The same person as before, a girl roughly Kayleighs age, docked another arrow, aiming with her eyes squinting against the sun which loomed above them all, beating down on them as they all waited. This time, this miss was even closer, were it not for the slight breeze rustling, then it would have hit it's mark, as it was... The wind had picked up at the right moment, and knocked the arrow off course, sending it landing just milimeteres away from puncturing skin on the jacket she was wearing. It ripped through the material as she pulled it away and as she looked at it... That was when it hit her...

Hunger Games.

Struck by this sudden thought, Kayleigh held the arrow aloft in the air, waving it around a little for them to see.

"Missed!" I teased, forcing a grin.

"That's it!" Said the boy that had been egging on the shooter from below, "I'm coming up!" He began clambering up the tree himself, his large hulking frame growing closer to Kayleighs branch all the time.

She remembered how in the Hunger Games, Cato had fallen when attempting this... But she could not chance that now... Instead she whispered "Petrificus totalus!" and watched as the boy turned to a dead weight and his body snapped rigidly backwards, no longer balanced and weighing too much, he fell down through the branches, crashing to the bottom where he too vanished in a purple smoke.

Two people remained, the girl with the bow and arrow, and another girl who glared up at her. The second girl had no weapon in sight, but it would be too risky to assume she was defenceless now.

Kayleigh started to run through a list of spells in her head, she could Accio the Bow and arrow... But could she even aim from here? Also she had never done archery and could just miss them even if she tried.

"Stupefy!" She whispered, poiting at the girl with bow and arrow, watching as she fell back and vanished in the smoke. She did so the second time for the other girl, and she too vanished.

Grinning triumphantly, she began to climb down, that had not been too bad really... Factoring in the fact she had been allowed a wand... It was relativley easy....

Still, the similariites to the Hunger Games this year were getting a little scary.

When she reached the ground, she found a note left behind from where the girl who had apppeared weaponless had stood before vanishing.

Clue for task two.

Was written in an elegant script, she would have time later... Kayleigh thought, right now she turned to grin at the crowd who cheered and applauded her.

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