A Hogwarts Champion

The triwizard tournament was never meant to happen again. After last time everybody felt certain of that.

Yet after the war the ministry feel that as unity is the main factor of the tournament, its the right time to host one!
Hogwarts, Durmstrang and Beauxbatons will join again and compete for glory.
This time the teachers will all be subjected to veritaserum beforehand though!)

Will it all work out this time? Or was the triwizard tournament just something to be forgotten and move on from?


4. Chapter 4

The 31st of October seemed to roll around slowly for Kayleigh, it was like time went slow without Megan. It was hard to believe that they had only been friends for one day, it felt so empty without her being there. A feeling like that usually meant you had lost a good friend. Great.

Kayleigh refocused her attention onto Professor Mcgonagall who was standing at the front and asking for quiet. The students from Beauxbatons were apparently waiting right outside the oak doors. We were supposed to be waiting outside for them, but a violent storm made that impossible for today though.

The billowing winds and roaring tempest waging a battle outside added nicely to the Halloween feast effect. The teachers had gone all out for this feast, with their being others coming as well. A thousand live bats were set to descend when the feast began and the Pumpkins had been bewitched to speak and sing whilst they ate.  Black candles hung from the high ceiling suspended in mid air. They gave off an eerie glow and cast shadows on the corners and points of the room. 

"Please would you all stand ready to greet the new students!" Said Professor Mcgonagall. 

Everybody, including Kayleigh, did so and hastily began checking things like hair and robes. A few girls over at the Ravenclaw table were applying lip gloss and another coat of mascara. Hushed squeals rang out as people nudged each other and pointed to the doors or asked to borrow various make up.

The large doors suddenly opened, to reveal Madame Maxime and her students. Hagrid rushed forward to 'help' her move down the rows of tables. As was predictable, given most of the females were at least one third Veela, practically every male in the room turned to stare at the students. Ginny elbowed Harry in the ribs, who winced first then grinned sheepishly. Kayleigh noticed Hermione do the same with Ron, who also grinned in a rather embarrassed way.

The students were smiling and looking around at all the Halloween decorations. A few pointed out to their friends various faces from Hogwarts and whispered. A young blonde haired girl, pointed excitedly at Harry. She smiled and winked at him, beaming at Ginny also. Ginny made a snort under her breath.

"Who is that girl?" Kayleigh whispered to Ginny, who sighed.

"Do you remember me saying my brother Bill was married to that part Veela Fleur?" Kayleigh nodded, still confused. Fleur was in her twenties, this girl looked around fourteen or fifteen at the most. "Well that is Fleur's little seester!"Ginny said 'sister' in a drawn out French accent, as though underlining it.

"Oh, I thought you didn't mind Fleur now? Why are you glaring at her sister?" Ginny sighed once more.

"I do, and her sister is not as bad as Fleur... Its just it annoys me the way she is obsessed with Harry, always winking and whatever!" She made a noise of disgust here.

Kayleigh giggled now, causing Ginny to glare at her instead. Which immediately shut her up.

"Do not worry Gin! That girl is what? Fifteen? You have nothing to worry about!" She reassured her friend. Ginny did soften up a little at that, and actually smiled back at the young french girl.

"Shes fourteen and her name is Gabrielle..." She said, now returning to normal once more. 

After the Beauxbatons and Durmstrang pupils were both seated and speeches, long and boring speeches, had been exchanged... The feast began!

Pumpkin soup, meat stew, baked potatoes, sandwiches, pies and every other food imaginable was suddenly on the tables, which groaned almost audibly under the weight of all the food. Kayleigh dived for a helping of Pumpkin soup and laughed as one of the nearby pumpkins told her a joke. 

After the main course, Pudding was served. Toffee apples, treacle, cake, ice cream and treacle tart appeared and once more everybody tucked in. 

The food was all nice, but Kayleigh kept glancing over at Megan who seemed determined to avoid her eyes and presence. She was laughing with another girl at the moment, rather loudly. 

Sighing, Kayleigh reached for some other from of food to eat. Though she was no longer really hungry after eating so much already.

The evening dragged on, she had been looking forward to this evening but now she felt it was too boring. Kayleigh wanted to just go to bed now, she managed to sneak out with a group of third year Hufflepuffs in the end. Nobody but Megan saw her go...


Sunlight poured in through the windows, as Kayleigh rolled over and groaned. Today was the day that the champions were going to be selected... Hopefully it would not be her that got chosen. This year there was going to be a lot of publicity for the tournament, which meant even more interviews and stuff like that. Kayleigh thought that would be the worst part of the entire thing,The publicity...

She went to her lessons in a daze, not hearing Professor Sprout saying they had to hand in their essays next lesson. It was a good job she had already finished it, otherwise she would end up in trouble. The day went so fast, before she knew it... It was time for the selection.

The great hall was, for the first time ever, silent. Even without Professor Mcgonagall's request that they settle down now. Kayleigh saw Harry tense up, Ginny clutching his hand, and that Draco Malfoy was also looking rather fearfully at the front. He was, She knew, an ex death eater... He was probably scared to death right now that the ministry would hook it up so that he was selected as a form of revenge.

The goblet of fire was being carried into the room by Filch, his rheumatism limiting his speed as he half panted down the aisles of house tables. A few nervous giggles rang out at the sight of him hunched over, everybody loathed Filch. His hatred of students radiated off him, and people tended to respond to that.

When it was set down in front of Professor Mcgonagall, she walked forwards slowly. A look of deep concentration on her lined face, her eyebrows mingling into one as they often did when she was thinking over something. Usually a punishment for a prankster, or marking an essay. 

The flames went from blue to a deep crackling red in a matter of seconds, yet no embers flew out of it. A piece of yellowing parchment flew out into the headteachers outstretched hand, as though magnetized to it. 

" The Durmstrang Champion is... Damon Cantabile!" Kayleigh watched a tall and muscular boy stand up, not such a big thing really... Most of the Durmstrang boys were of that same build. He was clearly not Bulgarian, just attended school near there.

Next came the Beauxbatons Champion, It was a tall willowy girl named Annabelle Macie Williams. Kayleigh knew enough French... Macie meant 'Weapon'... Great...

Now it was the Hogwarts Champion, a collective gasp rang out as the entire room saw the flame turn red. The parchment shot out, straight into Professor Mcgonagall's  long fingers. She stared at the paper in disbelief for a moment, her eyes blinking rapidly, then she looked up at the Gryffindor table...

"Megan Jones..." 


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