A Hogwarts Champion

The triwizard tournament was never meant to happen again. After last time everybody felt certain of that.

Yet after the war the ministry feel that as unity is the main factor of the tournament, its the right time to host one!
Hogwarts, Durmstrang and Beauxbatons will join again and compete for glory.
This time the teachers will all be subjected to veritaserum beforehand though!)

Will it all work out this time? Or was the triwizard tournament just something to be forgotten and move on from?


3. Chapter 3

That night Kayleigh did not sleep well. Thoughts of the tournament were churning round in her head. It was not like she feared for herself, last year they had all face far worse. It had been for survival as well, not just for some competition. It was for Megan she was worried. It was strange really, at the start of this year it had been Ginny who was her best friend, in the course of one evening ( a few short hours really), and Kayleigh felt like she was closer to Meg. 

The age just did not seem to be a problem for them, something she had always felt would be impossible. She also felt quite protective over the younger girl. Megan's soft blonde hair pulled into two petite plaits and her soft blue eyes, endeared you to the girl straight away. 

Kayleigh pummeled her pillow into a more comfortable position and her last thought was this " If Meg is chosen then I can just volunteer." Because as many safety regimes as the ministry assured them had been put into place this year, Kayleigh still felt as though something could go majorly wrong id the opportunity allowed it.


Megan and Kayleigh walked into the great hall the next day to see the sky was quite cloudy and murky looking. No doubt it would rain later, 'which meant quidditch was probably a no go' Kayleigh thought miserably to herself. Megan was chatting away about what the lessons were likely to be about, and if she would be able to catch up in time. Kayleigh stared in amusement at her friend.

"What?" Megan asked, as she finally looked up to see Kayleigh watching her carefully. Kayleigh shook her head, still smiling down at her.

"Nothing, you just remind me a lot of myself when I first started school. Do you want some porridge?" They had reached the table and sat down next to Hermione, who was reading a book propped up on a jug of pumpkin juice. 

"What are you reading?" Kayleigh could not see the cover and was curious as to which kind of book Hermione liked. She felt maybe her and Hermione could become good friends as well. 

Hermione was a little more reserved in comparison to Ginny, but she smiled warmly up at Kayleigh and told her it was a muggle book called 'The Hunger Games' Kayleigh squealed with delight.

" I love those too!" Hermione looked up in shock.

" I didn't know you read muggle books! "Hermione was looking at her with renewed appreciation.

Kayleigh shrugged, she had told barely anybody about her blood status.

"Im muggle born... " She said quietly. Hermione nodded.

"Me too, you like to read then?" She asked her. It felt nice to talk to a fellow muggle born, she had not met many since last year none of them bar her had dared to come to school... 

"I love too! Magical and Muggle books, they are all fascinating" It was true, nothing pleased her more than  reading a good book of any kind.

Hermione and Kayleigh continued to discuss their favorite books up until Professor Mcgonagall came down to give them their timetables. As a first year, Meg got hers first. She set off immediately, eager to get ahead on her work. Kayleigh was pleased to see she was in the majority of Hermione's classes.

They set off for potions together after a while. Two new friends in less than a day... Maybe she would not be so alone this year.


"How was Potions?" Ron asked Hermione as they all sat down for dinner after their morning lessons were finished. Kayleigh had got to know Hermione allot last lesson. They both loved to read and Hermione took her education very seriously. Apparently Ron did not share her views, Ginny had assured her of this as well.

As Hermione turned to speak to Ron, and Kayleigh was starting to feel a bit left out again, Ginny came to sit down next to her. Harry was sat on his own a way down, she hoped they had not broken up or something. The entire Wizarding world would be in tears if they had, every single magazine in the world was following their story...

"Hey Gin... Whats up?" Kayleigh asked her, eyeing Harry using her peripherals. Ginny laughed, clearly realizing my gaze.

"Everything is fine Kayleigh! I just realized I have not spent any time with you yet this term. Wanna grab some food and eat outside?" Kayleigh nodded, immediately grabbing some food to take with them. Megan  surely wouldn't mind... Right?

Wrong, Megan had minded.

"I thought you said we could eat lunch together!" Megan yelled at her later on in the common room. Kayleigh looked down awkwardly, she had not meant to hurt her new friends feelings.

"Megan im sorry... I just, had not seen Ginny in a while and..." Megan just turned and marched away upstairs away from her. 

The entire room was now staring at Kayleigh, sighing she followed Megan's example and retired to her own Dormitory.


Kayleigh had only known Megan for one day, yet without her... Life at Hogwarts seemed to just be a drag. Of course she now had a friend in Hermione as well as Ginny, but when they both wanted to go and be with their boyfriends... It was lonely, sometimes she caught a glimpse of Megan hanging around with a few other friends of hers. If she ever noticed Kayleigh, she was good at hiding it. 

For somebody who had claimed she had been alone when Kayleigh " Abandoned" her, she certainly developed friends quick enough. 

Everything seemed to go on slowly from now on, lessons and meals mingling into one monotonous jumble. Kayleigh celebrated her birthday, on the 29th of October,with a sleepover in Hermione's own dormitory with Ginny as well. It was fun but, Kayleigh wished Megan could be there as well. She would have enjoyed the games and jokes.

"So, who do you fancy then?" Ginny asked Kayleigh, breaking her out of her musings over Megan. 

"What?"Kayleigh wondered aloud, when had she ever said she fancied anybody? Ginny rolled her eyes, Hermione rolled her eyes. Only Hermione did it to Ginny instead.

"You must fancy somebody! Who is it?" Ginny explained slowly. Kayleigh laughed at Ginny and her serious expression.

"I really don't fancy anybody, at all." She admitted, when she was younger Kayleigh used to lie and make up a crush. Just to keep the other girls off her back, really she never thought of people that way. 

The rest of the evening past with Ginny suggesting boys and trying to set her up with one or more of them. Eventually Hermione tactfully changed the subject, to which Kayleigh was very grateful for.

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