A Hogwarts Champion

The triwizard tournament was never meant to happen again. After last time everybody felt certain of that.

Yet after the war the ministry feel that as unity is the main factor of the tournament, its the right time to host one!
Hogwarts, Durmstrang and Beauxbatons will join again and compete for glory.
This time the teachers will all be subjected to veritaserum beforehand though!)

Will it all work out this time? Or was the triwizard tournament just something to be forgotten and move on from?


2. Chapter 2

The great hall was full of chatter and the sounds of knifes and forks hitting plates. Kayleigh was sitting next to a first year who had just been sorted into Gryffindor. It was a rather small girl named Megan Jones, Kayleigh had just discovered that Megan also loved to read. Once the main course was finished, dessert appeared and Kayleigh dived for a slice of chocolate gateaux. It turned out Megan also enjoyed it, they were like soul sisters.

" Wish the feast would hurry up!" Kayleigh whispered to Megan as she poured them both a goblet of Pumpkin juice. Megan nodded in silent agreement.

" I know, Professor Mcgonagall said there was an important announcement. You don't think you know who has returned do you?" The younger girl said fearfully. 

Out of the corner of her eye, Kayleigh saw Harry tense up and turn to them. He had heard Megan's words...

"It wont be anything like that Meg..." They had already established that Megan preferred to be known as Meg " My friends Dad works at the ministry and he said its nothing bad. Just a little fun and something to encourage unity." Kayleigh was assuring Harry as well as Meg, it worked for both though. Meg returned to her second helping of the gateaux and Harry smiled at me before turning back to Ginny.

" I wonder what it is then..." Meg wondered aloud after a moment. Kayleigh only shrugged, she had no idea either.

After what seemed ages, though it was probably only about half an hour at most, Professor Mcgonagall finally stood up. Just like that unspoken power that Dumbledore had radiated, Professor Mcgonagall could have entire room silent by her mere presence. 

" Welcome to another year at Hogwarts! Now first of all, we will extend a warm welcome to our first years... And also a warm welcome back to our returning students! Now after last years... Events, we have a lot of catching up to do on education." A few brave students dared to call out a few boos. The returning glare they got from Professor Mcgonagall had them becoming silent almost immediately.

"This year I am pleased to announce we have a few of our students returning. There last year of schooling was interrupted and due to this meaning the destruction of a very bad time we feel it would not be too much in return to allow them to continue their education. They will be called eighth years on timetable, and will be studying alongside fellow seventh years. A separate dormitory has been arranged." That had, Kayleigh knew, been Mrs Weasleys stipulation on their returning to Hogwarts as eighth years... Her children be kept in separate dormitories from their partners. The Weasley had strong values that they kept to.

" I must ask all of you to show these students privacy though and respect. We all know who they are-" The daily prophet had printed massive articles about the golden trio's return to school " And also what they have done. They are here to be educated and not bothered about events from the war." Kayleigh noted that Ron looked crestfallen. Ginny had sent a letter to her during the holidays saying that her brother had been looking forward to receiving attention for once. Hermione was laughing silently at him and Ron looked rather frustrated at this. 

"Right now... As im sure you are all aware, we have an important announcement to make." This was the thing that everybody had been waiting for, anticipation was on every face as they gazed transfixed at Professor Mcgonagall. "Four years ago now, the triwizard tournament was held at this school. It was followed as we all know by a tragedy that shook the entire magical community. The new minister has decided, however, that with the recent war being over... Unity is of the uttermost importance right now, and for that reason this year Hogwarts will be host once more to the Triwizard tournament!" It seemed to take a while for this statement to sink in, and when it did everybody it seemed did not know how to react. A few daredevils who fancied themselves as 'cool kids' called out how great it was. Whereas those who had suffered in some way from the after effects of the tournament, which was quite a lot considering it had resulted in the rebirth of Voldemort, turned to each other in horrified silence. 

Kayleigh saw several heads turn to Harry, who went red and re focused on Mcgonagall. When everybody returned to their senses, and were looking forwards again, Professor Mcgonagall spoke again.

"A series of small pamphlets have been delivered to your common rooms with all the details in there. Even more safety measures have been added this year and I have been assured that it is as safe as the tournament can possibly be!" 

A short while after these remarks and they were all dismissed. Megan chose to follow Kayleigh up to the Gryffindor common room instead of Hermione, Ron, Ginny and the other Gryffindor prefect. ( A tall boy with blonde hair whom Kayleigh did not know) 

"So what do you think?" Meg asked as soon as they were alone down a corridor, Harry had been asked to stay behind by Professor Mcgonagall so it was just them. Kayleigh shrugged awkwardly, the tournament was dangerous... Everybody knew that! Cedric Diggory had been murdered last time, that was because of Voldemort though. He was gone now, so surely it would be safer...

"Im not too sure the ministry thought this through... I mean, it caused a lot of pain for many. Maybe its a bit too soon after the first one and the war to be having it..." Kayleigh finally said. Meg nodded slowly.

"I wonder how Harry Potter feels about it?" She mumbled after a brief pause. That had been playing on Kayleigh's mind as well, Harry never got over seeing Cedric be murdered and then Voldemort rise later. Surely this was an uncomfortable for him? At least Cedric's girlfriend was no longer at Hogwarts, that would have been... Disastrous. Ginny had told her all about Cho Chang last year, apparently she was rather weepy. She had gone out with Harry once, Kayleigh had seen them in a tea shop on Valentines day... But Cho had stormed out. 

"I thought that..." Kayleigh took a deep breath " Lets see what these new rules are then, shall we?" She said as they reached the Fat Lady.

The fire was crackling in its grate and the armchairs looked as inviting as ever. Selecting two squashy ones nearest the fire ( Kayleigh had shown Meg a short cut and they had arrived before everybody else) they began to read a pamphlet:

Triwizard tournament-  new rules 

In light of past events, new safety regulations and new rules have been put into place:

- Champions will be selected randomly, no entering required.

- Once a Champion has been selected another may volunteer to take their place if they so wish.

- Nobody will be able to go near the goblet before the selection is made, anybody found to not comply will be expelled.

- No bets are to be taken involving over three galleons on any one Champion. This is to avoid anger between houses and schools.

- All the old rules also apply ( see back of page for the listed rules)


The students from Durmstrang and Beauxbatons will be arriving on October 31st. Lessons will finish one hour early for that day.

Champions will be selected using the traditional Goblet of Fire. 

There will only be one Champion per School, the first to volunteer (if such a situation occurs) will be the one selected.


Kayleigh and Megan stared at the pamphlet even once they had finished reading. 

"At least you can volunteer this time... There wont be another Harry situation." Kayleigh whispered encouragingly to Meg, who looked scared. 

"I hope its not me!" She whispered quietly into the silent room.


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