My Life and Other Minor Disasters

Dear Heath (I'm going to call you Heath, 'kay?),

My life is over. OV.ER.
With a capital O.
My mum's decided I need some fresh air so she's moving my entire family to the middle of freaking nowhere, my boyfriend of two long years has dumped me, and I pretty much had the worst sixteenth birthday ever.


2. My Extended (Extremely Weird) Family

Dear Heath, I am about to kill someone.

"So, why d'you think Luke broke up with you, then?" Keaton asks, and I look up at him. "You really couldn't be any less insensitive, you know that?"

"No, we've been discussing it," his twin Tate chimes in. "We've put it down to your personality, like, because it has a lot to be desired..."

I make a rude gesture with my hands. Keaton and Tate are the same age as me, fifteen, but unlike me they're as mature as two three year olds. I'm sitting at the third and back row of seats in our big SUV, but right now it feels small, nearly claustrophobic. Probably because I'm stuck between these two idiots. 

The only person I get on really well with in my demented family, my younger stepsister Lucy, is sitting in the middle row of seats with her two sisters, Sophie and Fiona. They're talking about horses or something, which I guess isn't really a surprise. My stepdad Louie- I call him Lou because it annoys everyone- is an Irishman who owns about four ponies and six horses, all pure-bred. They live in an nice stable outside of our giant of a house. I actually have my own thoroughbred, Blue. He loves sugar cubes, and I love food in general, so we're good company for each other. We all live in a big house by the sea in Galway.

"So, do you have anything to say about you and Luke's relationship?"

"Hmm. Casse-toi, oui?"

Oh, and my mother's French.

"Lana!" She chastises me now from the front seat. "Language!"

"What did she say?" My stepbrothers demand, then turn to me. "What did you say?"

"Rainbows." I mutter moodily, shutting my diary with a snapping noise.

"Isabelle!" Lou turns the volume on the radio up to full blast. "Remember our first date? We danced to this all night!"

"Your first date was a year ago." I muttered, but no one could hear me over the blast of Livin' On A Prayer by that old band Bonnie or whatever. Lou and my charming mother are singing along at the top of their lungs. I unravel my earphones and stick them in my ears, turning my own music up to top volume. Tate and Keaton are still elbowing me, trying to figure out what I said to insult them, and I need to stop myself from climbing over one of the twins and throwing myself from the car as dramatically as possible.


And that sums up the whole ride to the Middle of Nowhere- bad singing, annoying stepbrothers, and being told off. Oh, and horses.


I stand hugging myself on the gravel driveway. The soft 'thwack' of fabric hitting the stones behind me tells me Lou is dragging out suitcases from the car. The hotel we're staying in is huge and Gothic. Maybe it's haunted, I don't know. I just hope there's Wi-Fi. I turned to my mother. "Can I, like, sleep in the car?"


"But it looks creepy!"




I groan and walk over to the SUV, dragging out my rucksack. I'll leave Lou to carry my suitcase, he's already carrying about three anyway. Tate and Keaton are shoving each other on the driveway, and I walk over to them. "Bet you ten Euros Tate will get inside before you." I say to Keaton, who snorts and starts running. The twin brother rivalry kicks in, and Tate shouts something I can't understand, sprinting after him. They'll probably break something, the idiots. I walk in after them, catching the door just before it closes. Please, God, let me be about three floors away from the rest of my siblings. I'm beginning to think just having a room to myself won't be enough.


(( A/N: so, first chapter and character introductions over with, I would love to hear feedback! Feel free to leave a comment. c: ))

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