I'm yours, forever

Abi first met Martin at Starbucks. When they got to know each other, they fall helplessly in love. But one of her best friends, Romany brings home a new guy, Luke, we find out that Romany is in terrible danger. Will Abi, Martin, Maisie and Joey be able to save Romany? Or will Romany literally be Luke's, forever.


10. Starbucks Again

When Martin was showered and dressed, we all went and sat down in the living room. 

'So are you guys..ya'no...dating now?' I asked Maisie and Joey warily. Maisie blushed and nodded, while Joey leaned over and gave her a sweet kiss. How cute. I turned my head round to face Martin, and puckered my lips, but instead of a sweet kiss, he jumped on top of me, and started tickling me.

'NOOO' I yelled, laughing and trying to kick him off me, but he was too strong. I eventually started crying, as I always do when I laugh for too long, and Martin instantly stopped, and wiped away my tears.

'Sorry' He muttered. I laughed, and made a cute face. He ruffled my hair, and I plonked myself on his lap.

'What should we do then?' I asked everyone. I was met with silence for a few seconds.

'Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm dying for a Starbucks' I told them, and they all looked up eagerly at the sound of strong coffee. I giggled, and we all set off to Starbucks.

'I wonder what Romany and Luke got up too last night' Maisie said, as I slurped my Pumpkin Spice Latte.

I wrinkled my nose and said,

'Hopefully not what we did'


----So I know that this is the smallest chapter EVER, but I'm getting bored with this book. I mean, 400 views, thats mentalness, but nobody is liking or favoriting, so I'm assuming nobody likes it. Sorry if you did , BUT YOU SHOULD HAVE CLICKED LIKE. Anyways, I'll continue writing in my other Movella, you should tots check it out. 'Live while we're young' If anybody wants me to continue with this, which I doubt enormously, just tell me, and I'll continue. But it feels boring, with no comments, no nothing, ya'no? TTFN Abi xoxo----

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