I'm yours, forever

Abi first met Martin at Starbucks. When they got to know each other, they fall helplessly in love. But one of her best friends, Romany brings home a new guy, Luke, we find out that Romany is in terrible danger. Will Abi, Martin, Maisie and Joey be able to save Romany? Or will Romany literally be Luke's, forever.


6. Meeting Luke

*A few hours later*

'I'm home guys' Maisie yelled, slamming the door.

'Hey Mais' I yelled back, walking out of my room to meet her. She was carrying a huge bag, which I looked questioningly at. Maisie noticed me staring, and lifted the bag onto the kitchen counter-top.

'I got some stuff today, for all of us' She said.

'Ooo' I replied, as she piled the stuff out of the bag, and placed everything into 3 separate piles.

'That's yours' She said, pointing to the middle pile.

I looked warily at the pile, it was all dresses and show off tops. I sighed, and picked up my pile, and Romany's, gave Maisie a hug, and went back to my room. I chucked Romany her pile as I went past her door. When I got back to my room, I shut the door, and turned the radio on from my phone. I put the pile of clothes down on my bed, and picked up the first top. I was still only wearing my pyjamas, so I took them off, and tried on the top. It was a deep red shirt, with black buttons. I stood in front of my mirror, and stared at myself. I looked, more mature, more older somehow. I then tried on the rest of the tops,  and then started on the dresses. I don't normally wear dresses, so why Maisie got some for me I will never know. But I tried on the first one, and stood in front of the mirror again. It was turquoise, and stopped just above my knees. It had boats, and clouds, and the sea on, and it looked so beautiful. I grinned at myself, and carefully took it off.

It was 5pm, and I thought that it would be a good time to start getting ready. I went in the shower, and washed my hair again with the strawberry shampoo and conditioner. I dried my hair, and straightened it, pinning my fringe back. I then picked my black skinny jeans, and the red shirt that Maisie had gotten me. I did my make-up, and by the time I was done, it was 6:30! How I had took that long to get ready, I don't know. But our apartment was a mess, so I thought it would be a good idea to attempt to tidy it up.

'You guys going to start getting ready?' I yelled to the others.

'No, it's only like 4 isn't it?' Romany yelled back.

'Check your clock!' I said, now in her room. She was sat there in a dressing gown listening to some music, and drawing a picture of Little Mix. She sighed, and leaned over so she could see the alarm clock next to her bed. She gave a yelp after seeing it was 6:30, and ran straight into the shower.

'Your welcome' I said, laughing as I walked out of her room.

My bedroom was already pretty tidy, and I'm not tiding their bedrooms for them, sheesh. So I thought the kitchen would be a good place to tidy first. I rolled my sleeves up and got to work. When the kitchen was done, and looking spotless, Maisie was done getting ready, and she helped me with the living room. I made sure all of the movies were stacked up next to the TV, so we could pick through them easily. Suddenly, I panicked, we didn't have any snacks. I grabbed my bag with my purse in, and ran down to the supermarket, which is only at the bottom of my road. I bought chocolate, popcorn, crisps, lots of bottles of soda, and a couple of bottles of wine. I sometimes get asked about my age, but with this shirt on, nothing. I grinned as I walked out of the store, I say walked, it was more limped with the weight of the bags. By the time I got back, I just had enough time to store everything in the fridge, and leave the snacks on the side. I fixed my hair, which had been blown everywhere when I went outside, and added some more perfume. Then the doorbell rang. I heard Maisie answering the door, and two voices. I went outside, and saw Martin and Joey standing in the hallway, taking their coats and shoes off. I smiled, and walked over to them. Martin looked up, and saw me, and we grinned at each other.

'Hey' I said to them.

'Hi' Martin answered back, Joey was already walking into the kitchen with Maisie.

I led Martin into the kitchen.

'You want a drink, we have soda, or wine?' I said.

'Soda, have you got any Coke?' He answered.

'Sure' I replied, pouring him and myself a glass.

I grabbed a couple of bags of popcorn and led Martin to the sofa in the living room. We have 3 sofa's, all in a square, but missing out one of the 'sides' so we could actually see the TV. I sat on one of the sofa's, and Martin sat next to me. Maisie and Joey were on the one opposite. I chucked a bag of popcorn at Maisie's head, and opened mine up, and offered it to Martin. He grabbed a handful. I grabbed a handful as well, and proceeded to act cool and casual, and chuck them up in the air, trying to catch them in my mouth. I have pretty good aim, but one of them landed in Martin's face. I giggled, and watched him move his face to try and get it in his mouth. I watched him struggle for a good minute, before eventually picking it off his face, and popping it into his mouth. He grinned at me.

Then the doorbell rang again, and I heard Romany running to the door.

'We haven't saw Luke yet' I whispered to Martin.

'Okay, I'll protect you if he tries to kill us' Martin whispered back, smiling.

I laughed quietly, and looked into his eyes. Still hypnotizing as ever.

'Guys, this is Luke' Romany said, her voice sounding nervous.

I looked up, and saw a tall man stood next to Romany. I was shocked. He wasn't the blond hair, blue eyed boy I'd imagined. He looked about 30. He had a leather jacket on, and big boots. I could see a tattoo on the back of his hand, and another on his neck. And his eyes, looked like a predator searching for prey. I looked worriedly at Maisie, and she was looking back at me in the same way. I could feel Martin and Joey give each other a glance and a quick nod, and then I felt Martin hiding me behind him, and Joey was doing the same with Maisie. Luke saw them doing that, and grinned. Even his smile was scary.

'Hello' Luke said, his voice low and gruff.

'Hi' Me and Maisie muttered back.

Romany sat down on the last sofa, and Luke sat down next to her.

'So, what do you want to watch?' Romany asked, not looking any of us in the eye.

'Well, we could watch a scary movie?' Maisie answered. I cringed, I hate scary movies, but everybody else in the entire world loves them.

'Paranormal Activity 3?' Maisie asked us all. Everybody nodded, apart from me.

Maisie leaped up, and put the disc into the tray, and pressed play. Romany was already cuddled up to Luke, who was sat in the sofa like he owned the place. The movie started, and I  couldn't watch, I just sat and daydreamed, while looking at the side of the TV, so it looked like I was watching. A loud scream halfway through the movie, coming from Maisie brought me back, and I didn't mean to, but I glanced at the screen. The girl was being lifted up into the air by her hair, and shook around. I whimpered, and turned around and put my head into Martin's body, cowering away. Martin laughed quietly, and put his arm around me. I instantly felt safer. I lifted my head up, and lent it on his shoulder, moving my body closer. His arm tightened around me. I was peacefully happy through-out the rest of the movie. Even the end bit didn't scare me. When the movie was over, I yelled out my request before anybody else could.


Everybody laughed, apart from Luke of course, but he didn't make an objection, so I skipped forward and put the disc in the tray. It wouldn't go in right, so I was crouched over for ages, and I could feel the awkwardness behind me, as nobody knew any conversation starters. Finally, I got it in, and jumped back on the sofa, and got snuggled up to Martin again. Romany was now almost on Luke's lap, and Luke had his hands on her behind. I sighed, and grabbed another handful of popcorn, and fed Martin a few, before stuffing the rest into my mouth and watching the movie. Tangled is just the best movie ever. Near the ending, the really cute bit when they find out that they are in love. I looked up at Martin through my eyelashes, and saw that he was looking down on me. His eyes were like a magnet, pulling me closer. I leaned towards him, until we were face to face. I smiled, and closed the distance between us, bringing our lips together.


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