I'm yours, forever

Abi first met Martin at Starbucks. When they got to know each other, they fall helplessly in love. But one of her best friends, Romany brings home a new guy, Luke, we find out that Romany is in terrible danger. Will Abi, Martin, Maisie and Joey be able to save Romany? Or will Romany literally be Luke's, forever.


2. Getting Ready

Me and Maisie got a taxi home together because we share an apartment, with our other bestfriend Romany. The apartment is quite spacious, but cozy at the same time. We all have separate rooms, and a living room which is conjoined into the kitchen as well. We also have a balcony, which has a 4-person jacuzzi on. We saved up for two full years in order to get that jacuzzi. All of us wanted it so much, and we go in it nearly every night. I opened the door to my room, and took my make-up off, and went straight into the shower. I washed my hair with some strawberry scented shampoo and conditioner, and then got out and dried. I stood in front of my huge bathroom mirror, and stared at myself, wondering what look I was going for. Cute, sexy, feminine...being a girl is so hard.

'GIRLS' I cried. Maisie and Romany came running into my room.

'WHAT?' They shouted back at me.

'Help me?' I replied, putting on my cute face, they always fall for my cute face. I raise my eyebrows and stare at the floor and pout, looking as sad as I can, but hopeful as well. They both sighed and led me into my bedroom, and sat me on the chair in front of my vanity. Maisie set to work drying my hair, and Romany started on my make-up. Romany put some rustic gold eyeshadow on me, with some natural looking mascara, and some liquid eyeliner, with a slight flick at the edge. She also blended some bronzer and blush, and applied that to my cheeks. She finished off with some baby pink lipstick, and blended it in with her finger, so it looked soft. Maisie had finished off drying my hair at this point, and they both got out their curlers, and started to gently wave my hair. When they had finished with my hair, they pinned my fringe back to the side. Maisie started to do my nails, while Romany rummaged around in my closet.

'Abi, why do you not have any dresses?!' She exclaimed. Romany loved dresses, but skinny jeans and converse are more my style.

'Well Abi, I'd lend you one of mine, but I don't think it would fit.' Romany said, and Maisie agreed. Romany is the tallest, and Maisie is the smallest. I'm in the middle.

'What's this?' Romany asked me, pointing to the shopping bag that I had chucked on my bed when I came into my room.

'My dress that I got today!' I exclaimed. Romany pulled out the dress, and examined it.

'IT'S PERFECT!' She yelled.

'Ooh, it'll go with my new brown brogues that I got today!' Maisie said.

'And I have the perfect bracelet set!' Romany said as well. In ten minutes, I was ready. It was five to nine. I looked in the mirror, and touched up my lippy, and added a bit more volume to my hair. I put some money in my little clutch, and my comb, and lipstick. I filled up my little travel perfume stick, with some 'Midnight Fantasy' by Britney Spears. I sprayed some on myself, just as the doorbell rang. Maisie answered the door. Romany gave me a quick hug, being careful not to mess my hair up. I walked out of my room, to find Martin sitting quite comfortably on the sofa, in front of the tv, which we also had to save up for. I coughed quietly, and he turned round and stood up. He walked over to me, and gave me a kiss on the cheek, and I breathed in his scent. Lynx. Mmm.

'Hey' He said to me.

'Hi' I shyly muttered back.

'Should we go then, I've booked the table at Nando's.' Martin said.

'Sure, bye guys' I said back, waving to my bestfriends.


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