I'm yours, forever

Abi first met Martin at Starbucks. When they got to know each other, they fall helplessly in love. But one of her best friends, Romany brings home a new guy, Luke, we find out that Romany is in terrible danger. Will Abi, Martin, Maisie and Joey be able to save Romany? Or will Romany literally be Luke's, forever.


8. Drunken Shenanigans and the morning after

After drinking the bottles of wine, we all clambered into the jacuzzi with some cans of beer we found at the very back of the freezer. We stripped into our underwear, and even though the night air was freezing as it hit our skin with a force, the boiling hot jacuzzi kept us warm. I sat myself on Martin's lap. The strong taste of beer kept me alive, kept me vibed. We all laughed as we drunk the beer, and splashed the water around, our voices slurred.

I turned up the bubbles, and added this special mixture that makes the bubbles look like giant beach balls. It sectioned off the jacuzzi, so we all could hear were each others voices. I turned around so I was facing him, and leaned closer.

I looked into his eyes, my vision blurred because of the alcohol. Martin looked at me in a way that sent shivers down my spine. I wanted him.

I pressed my lips against his, and stroked my tongue across his bottom lip, asking for entrance. He happily obliged, and after a few minutes, his hand caressed my face, and worked it's way down my body, onto my chest area. My brain told me to stop him, but the alcohol running through my veins kept me going.

I could hear moans coming from Maisie, and I decided we needed more privacy. I grabbed Martin's hand and we scrambled out of the hot-tub, and ran into my bedroom, leaving a trail of water behind us. We jumped onto my bed, and pulled the duvet over our heads...


I woke up, and let out a loud groan. My head felt like it was going to drop off. I couldn't remember much of anything that happened last night, I just remember that Martin came round, and we were in the jacuzzi, and then we tumbled into my b- WAIT. I looked to the side of me, and saw Martin lying down next to me, still blissfully sleeping.I jumped out of bed, and looked in the mirror, and saw that I was naked. Fuck. I grabbed some undies and shoved them on, and shoved my dressing gown on, before running into Maisie's room. I saw that Maisie was awake as well, but she couldn't even move out of bed. I ran over to her, and helped lift her head up

'How you feeling babes?' I whispered to her.

'Like shit' She groaned back. I giggled, but the pain in my head stopped my. I clutched my forehead, and pulled Maisie out of bed. I led us both to the kitchen, and pulled out the medicine box. I gave us both some tablets, and turned the kettle on. I made us both a strong cup of coffee, and we sunk into the living room sofa's.

'You realised what we've done, right?' I asked her.

'Trying not to think about it'

'I can't believe this, we're sluts, you know!' I whimpered to her.

 She nodded, and sipped her coffee.

'We should wake them, make them in the pain that we're in.'

Maisie gave a small smile, and I poured the rest of the water from the kettle into 2 more mugs, and made 2 more cups of strong coffee. Maisie grabbed some more tablets, and we swapped. I waddled into my room, and saw that Martin had kicked the duvet completely off him in his sleep. And he was also naked. I cringed, and chucked a blanket over him, that was on the back of my chair. I slowly shook his shoulder, and he shuddered. I giggled as he opened his eyes and saw me leaning over him. He jumped up, and then the pain in his head kicked in and he laid right back down.

'Morning' I whispered. Martin groaned at me.

'Try not to sit up, your naked.'

Martin's mouth went in a huge O.

'Abi, I'm so sorry!'

I handed him the tablets and the coffee, and gave him a soft kiss on the lips.

'It's okay, we were both drunk, I didn't exactly try to stop you.'

He grinned sheepishly at me, and took a sip of his coffee.

I sat on the edge of my bed, and just watched him.

'Erh, I was thinking' Martin said. 'Are we actually dating now? Or just, going on...dates?'

'Haha, I should hope we're dating. I don't have sex with random strangers, you should feel lucky!' I replied.





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