I'm yours, forever

Abi first met Martin at Starbucks. When they got to know each other, they fall helplessly in love. But one of her best friends, Romany brings home a new guy, Luke, we find out that Romany is in terrible danger. Will Abi, Martin, Maisie and Joey be able to save Romany? Or will Romany literally be Luke's, forever.


1. Caramel Frappuccino

'I love this dress!' I shouted to Maisie, my best friend, who was on the other side of the store. She ran over, clutching a bar of brown brogues.

'Oh, that's so pretty,' Maisie exclaimed, 'I'm going to get these shoes.'

I picked up the dress, and walked towards the till, where Maisie was getting served. I paid for the dress, and followed Maisie out of the store.

'Where to now?' I asked her.

'I feel like a coffee, let's go to Starbucks.' She replied. I nodded, and we slowly made our way over to Starbucks, which was only a couple of shops down.

I pushed open the door, and I was instantly overwhelmed by the amount of people. I pushed my way through the crowd, with Maisie following me close behind. We somehow managed to get to the till.

'What can I get you?' The cashier asked us.

'Erh, can I get one Caramel Frappuccino, and one White Hot Chocolate?' I replied.

'Sure' She answered. I paid for both of our drinks, and as soon as we got them, I looked around for two seats. I couldn't see any, until I noticed a table of four, with just two guys on. Maisie walked over, and asked if we could sit with them. They looked at her, and gave her a huge smile. Maisie nodded at me, and there eyes focused on me. There grins grew even wider. I looked away embarrassed. Maisie had already sat down, and I sat on the other seat, next to her. I put my many bags down on the floor, and looked up, straight into the eyes of the guy opposite me. They were a warm brown, and had little flicks of a lighter brown around the middle.

'Hey' He mumbled, 'I'm Martin.'

'I'm Abi' I replied, still not able to turn my gaze away from his eyes.

'What did you get? He asked, pointing to my drink.

'Caramel Frappuccino' I answered.

'Me too!' He said. I laughed, and said 'My friend's called Maisie.'

He said hi to her, but I noticed that he didn't really look at her much.

'He's called Joey.' He said, looking over at his friend. I said hey to him as well, but he was just staring at Maisie, as if he couldn't believe his eyes. I'd saw it all before though, because boys normally fall head over heals for Maisie. But now, she was actually looking back at him the same way. I turned back to Martin, and we started chatting about music and clothes.

'Well, I'm done with my drink,' Martin told me, 'It was nice chatting to you.'

I nodded and smiled, but why wasn't he asking for my number or something? We'd got on so well. I turned back around, and saw Maisie giving Joey her number. I sighed and sipped the last of my drink, slurping the remains, something I loved doing but couldn't because Martin was there.

'Abi!' I heard somebody shout. I turned around and saw Martin running towards me.

'Hey, what are you doing here?' I exclaimed.

'I just wanted to know if, um, you wanted to meet up tonight? I know this club, it's pretty good, the DJ is amazing.' Martin asked.

'Of course! I replied. I told Martin my address, and we made plans that he would pick me up at 9pm. We'd go get something to eat, and then head on to the club. It sounded amazing.

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