Why We Are All a Legacy

I didn't really know what category this should go in, but I put it in other!
This is for the legacy competition and it's not really a story or poem, it's just a note from me to anyone that feels uninspired about anything.


1. A Note to All


If I said that I was a legacy, you wouldn’t believe me. I’m just a 13 year old girl with frizzy ginger hair.

But I am.


Yes, I’m no Olympic gold medallist, or even a competitor. I’m just a girl that is okay at karate and runs 100 metres in 25 seconds.

Yes, I’m no brain box scientist, or even a university graduate. I’m just a girl that is a little above average at science and once burned her hand on a splint.

Yes, I’m no life-saving doctor, or even first aid qualified. I’m just a girl that knows how to tie a bandage and once gave her friend a paper cut with a plaster.

Yes, I’m no leading actress, or even in a play of some sorts. I’m just a girl that once played Simba in year 2 and once fell over on stage.

I’m not really anything, am I?

That’s where you’re wrong.

I’m a writer.

I have less than 20 fans on Movellas, but that’s okay. It doesn’t matter to me. It’s the writing that’s important to me.

I know you’re thinking: “This girl is not a legacy on Movellas! Hardly anyone knows of her books. They’re not even that good!”

I know that. But I’m still a legacy. Do you want to know why?

Even when I’m gone, my stories will still be on the website for people to read. They’ll always be there. Forever.

Like Jessica Ennis’ medal will be hers and be there. Forever.

Like Einstein’s theory will be his and be there. Forever.

Like the doctor who helped you with your broken bone, that work will be his or hers and will be there. Forever.

Like Daniel Radcliffe’s movies will be his and be there. Forever.

You don’t have to be a sporting legend, a genius, a life-saver, a thespian or an author.

All you have to do to be a legacy is do what you were born to do, whether it is creative, academic, or even just being kind. Just be you. It may take work to find what you are inside, but when you find it your talent will explode like a rocket.

And I believe my talent is writing.

You still don’t believe me?

Think about this, let me tell you a secret:

I wrote this whole thing.

Now that’s a legacy.

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