Dreams Do Come True

A girl who is a huge directioner meets 1D by accident. Will she fulfill her dreams or will someone get in her way?


2. Tiny Cam

Louisa's POV
I'm off to Franz's Place. Yay I'm done with school and I can have a job now YES!!!. I'm at Franz's house now. I doorbelled on Franz's flat. I heard a scream, I knew it was Franz

"Louisa!! Your here!" Franz said
"Hey Franz!!" I said
"Hello Mrs. Tomlinson" Franz said she let me in her flat. Her flat was huge and not pink it was typical her
"So what do we do first?" I asked
"Well I found out on Facebook this app where you could randomly talk with random people all around the world!" Franz said
"How about unpacking my stuff?!?" I asked
"NO! We go chat!" Franz shouted like a little girl
"Fine!" I said then I moaned
"Ok now we randomly chat!" Franz said

First we ended up with a little girl she was doing her homework and she was asking us questions, it was kinda boring, until time was up. Next we ended up with an old dude he quickly changed it. I got really bored, but Franz asked fo one more. We ended up with ONE DIRECTION!

"Hey girls we are ONE DIRECTION!" They all said in unison
"Hey boys I'm Louisa and this is Franz" I said calmly
"You know your the first two girls who acted calmly around us you guys didn't scream or cry" Louis said
"So your prize is that we could chat unlimitedly!!" Harry stated

Then the time limit went away. We didn't even ask how

"So where are you two girls?" Liam asked
"Well we're here in Donacaster!" Franz said
"Nice we're here at Holmes Chapel!" Louis said
"So guys whats your twitter names?" Niall asked
"Well its @Louisa1D_23 and @Franz_Styles18" I said
"we'll follow you two girls right now!" Louis said
"Mrs. Tomlinson 1D is gonna follow us" Franz said
"Mrs. Styles I'm exited too!" I said
"Wait what do you mean by" Harry said
"Mrs. Tomlinson!" Louis said
"Mrs. Styles!" Harry stated
"Well umm we really like you two" Franz said
"You know we didn't really tell anyone this, but we're all single right now and our girlfriends are all a scam!" Zayn said

I almost fainted when Zayn said this. Gosh I really love these five boys. Now I really fell on the ground. I fell unconcious but I could still jear what was happenin

"Whoa is Louisa Okay" I heard Louis say in a worried tone
"Where exactly do you live?!?" I think Liam said
"We libe beside this house which is number 23 Tommy" Franz said
"23 thats my house lets rush over there guys!" Louis said

A few minutes later. I woke up there were six people surronding me it was Franz and ONE DIRECTION!!

"Louisa are you alright?" Louis asked
"What happened love?" Niall asked
"Well when I get really shocked or happy I faint and that happened right now, gosh its so embarassing!" I said burrying my head in my hands
"Its ok Love I would do that for a friend" Louis said
"A friend really?" I said smiling
"Well yes and-" Louis was cut off by
"YOU KNOW LOUIS L-" Louis ran over to Harry before he could finish
"He's trying to tell you guys to go on tour with us" Zayn said trying to help Lou with his position right now
"You have to to be kidding me!" Franz said
"Nope we're not, the reason why we went on tiny cam cuz we were gonna get lucky Directioners to go with on tour and since my house is just next to yours can we have a sleep over here!" Louis asked
"Of course you can guys!" Franz said
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