Dreams Do Come True

A girl who is a huge directioner meets 1D by accident. Will she fulfill her dreams or will someone get in her way?


1. Last Day

Louisa's POV
HI!!!! My name is Louisa, Im 17 turning 18 Im a huge DIRECTIONER!!!! I have long black hair,blue eyes ans I live in Yorkshire but my best friend Franz she has long brown hair and black eyes she lives in Donacaster (where Louis lives) and its summer I am going to her house

Louisa's POV
I woke up today its 5am its my last day here in my school. I go to a boarding school.

"Louisa better get down here for breakfast" I heard our housemother yell

But someone got to my door it was Loren, Loren is my bestest friend when I was still in the fifth grade, she changed alot her brown hair turned into blonde, she wore alot of make up and she seemed like a completely different person

"Hello Louisa how are you?" she said with a high tone

"Im fine what are you doing here?" I asked

"Since my school finnished yesterday my dad said I could go to your school" Loren said

"how?!?" I asked

"We persuaded Mr. Sweets with Money, we're really rich now" She answered

It seemed like she forgot her manners

"Well ok" I said

"Dont just stand there lets go to school" she said while pulling my wrist to the main door

"I have all the classes you have" Loren said

But she walked over to a few boys who were talking

"hey boys, you know Im single and Im a better singer than Louisa" Loren said

"Wait what do you mean better singer?!?" I said

"come on lets just go to our classes" she said

Our classes came by fast. Its because we dont have lessons it the last day of school, Me and Loren didnt really talk much for the rest of the day, until we were going to our last class

"Loren what do you mean better singer?" I asked

"do you remember 4th grade we were chalenged to a singing contest. And you sang like you were crying Well one of our classmates videoed it then he gave it to me and I posted it on youtube and then I got a few thousand views" Loren said even with a smile on her face.

She wasnt the person that ive been friends with in like forever she has completely forgotten her manners. She was a different person

"WHAT?!?" I said with a shocked face

"Its okay Loulou it shows Im a better singer than you are" Loren said

"Ok thats it your not the Loren I know anymore your a completely different person who I dont want to be with I never want to see you anymore" I said

I ran off to an empty hallway. Loren didnt really look for me cause the bell rang. I didnt go to the class anyways it was only study time so I just kept crying, until the bell rang I got up and went home I grabbed my luggage I saw my housemates come in they all gave me a group hug. We promised each other we would stay in touch. It was the last day.
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