Will you ever love me???

1D luv sory


1. Ally Tomlinson

Hi my name is Ally, Ally Tomlinson. I'M 18, in case that you didn't know, my adopted brother Louis Tomlinson. He is in the worlds biggest boy band named One Direction also known as 1D. I find it crazy because fans mob our house and, us when we try to have a bonding day out at the mall or somewhere like that. Well enough about that, I will give you some random facts about me.

Random facts:

I love food!

I like turtles,

I am a kick-boxer,

I enjoy time with my adopted brother,

My parents and family were killed when I was nine.

I like the colours green, blue, purple and all neon colours as well.


well thats all so buyzzerz! :)

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