If only I could remember

Larkin was a normal teenage girl living in a small town in Oregon, until on a hike with her friends she wishes on a star. The next morning she woke up in a different home, living a different life dating her celebrity crush Harry Styles. Her wish had come true, the only downsize to her living the dream life, is she has no clue what her famous life was it, since it was like she had never lived it. How will she cope being thrust into stardom? Will she ever have the ability to remember what her celebrity life is like?


1. The beginning

"Come on Larkin!" my friend Amelia called from over her shoulder. 
"Hold on, my headphones are caught on a rock" I quickly untangled the cord from the edge of the boulder catching up to my three friends Amelia, Ellie and Nathan (he was dating Ellie). We were hiking up to "Wishing Rock" which is a spot on top of a large mountain that's said to be magical, if you are sitting on the rock when a shooting star goes by and you make a wish. It will come true. My friends and I never believed it, but decided to give it a go. 
The top of the mountain had the most spectacular view of our small little town in Oregon. 
We sat there staring at the nighttime sky for a few minutes as Ed Sheeran's sweet lullabies quietly filled my ears. 
"A shooting star!" Nathan pointed. I quickly closed my eyes and made my wish. 
"I wish I was the biggest popstar in the world" my eyes stayed closed for another minute, I knew it was impossible but it was always fun to wish. 
"Come on everyone, it's getting late" Ellie stood up taking Nathan's hand leading him down the path to the car park. 
It took us 45 minutes to get to the car and arrive at my house. I quickly showered and changed into my pajamas, I had school the next day therefore I needed to be in bed by midnight. Crawling under my warm duvet I set my alarm for 7 am and closed my eyes. 
My alarm went off, I slowly hit the snooze button sitting up. I must have moved too fast because everything around me was a bit fuzzy. I screamed once my eye sight returned. 
"Where the hell am I?!" I yelled looking around a room that clearly wasn't mine since this one was about the size of my house and was completely different. I took in my surroundings. This room was very lavish, it was the size of a small flat, the walls were covered by windows with a bed on a platform in the centre. The windows revealed what city I was in because the Hollywood sign could be read from where I was standing. I stood up and whispered to myself "well Toto I guess we're not in Oregon anymore" I walked into my closet. I gasped upon arrival, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. It was a long corridor with clothes lining the wall at the end there was an entire wall of shoes. I ran down the corridor running my hand along the beautiful fabrics pulling out a shirt or dress as I went. My bathroom was just as nice a large bath in the middle of the room with a shower across the way and entire makeup station. There was a mysterious door in the corner, I slowly walked over turning the nob pushing it open. 
"Are you serious!" I ran inside looking at the full gym. I was shocked it was so nice it had about everything you needed to have a nice body. I guess that's why I felt so fit suddenly. 
I walked back into my room looking at the pictures on my wall, there were so many of me with different celebrities like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, One Direction, Justin Bieber, The Wanted, Obama and plenty more. My mouth was agape with shock. There were two large framed records both were gold one read "Read me over" by Larkin Morrisi gold record for selling 1 billion records the other read "Overnight" by Larkin Morrisi gold record for selling over 2 billion records. 
"My wish did come true" I sat back on my bed seeing I had 2 new messages. I picked up my pink iPhone with a Chanel diamond studded case. 

From: Management 
Larkin you have an interview today at 3 with MTV I'll pick you up at 1:30. 

To: Management
Alright see you then

From: Babe <3 
Hey Hun are you still coming to the show tonight. Text me back <3 I hope you can come. I love you xx

I raised an eyebrow. I didn't know how to respond, I didn't even know who he was. 
I saw a laptop sitting on a table across the room, I opened it seeing there was a password, somehow I got in after a few tries opening up google typing in the search bar
"Larkin Morrisi and boyfriend" my heart began to pound, what if I don't want to date that person? I slowly clicked search suddenly thousands of links and pictures popped up. 
"Oh my gosh" I whispered my heart rate became faster, I flipped through google images of me and my boyfriend holding hands and kissing. I saw a few good searches saying we had been together almost two years. "I'm dating Harry Styles!" I jumped up dancing around singing "I'm dating Harry Styles I'm dating Harry Styles!" I remembered I still had to text him back. 

To: Babe <3 
Of course I'll be there wouldn't miss it for the world. I love you :)

I ran over to my enormous CD player pressing play letting the mix tape fill my room with sound. I looked over at my phone seeing I had a new message. 

From: Babe <3 
Good ;) you have a laminate so I don't have to bother with giving you one. We'll have a good time tonight ;) I haven't seen you in so long 

To: Babe <3 
Of course we will. Where are you playing again? I can't remember 

From: Babe <3 
We'll be playing at the Staples Center at 8 be there by 5 come hangout. The guys can't wait to see you. 

To: Babe <3
I'll see you there xx

I set my phone back on the charger seeing I had 45 minutes till my manager was supposed to be here. 

To: Management 
Do I have to get ready before?

From: Management
No you'll have your hair, makeup and clothes done there so don't worry you'll be back by 3 

I decided to just pull on a Jack Wills hoodie and sweats I found in my closet with a pair of Vans. I pulled up my hair and decided to explore the rest of my strange new home, I guessed I lived by myself since there were no other rooms set up like someone would live there. The house was very elegant it was the perfect dream home I loved it. In my living room I had a huge glass case lined with different awards from MTV moon men for best singer, hottest female, and female breakout artist. A Brit award for best foreign artist. A few teen choice, kids choice awards and some Grammys. I held them all in my hand. I guess I really was the biggest popstar in world. I smiled taking a look at the rest of my Hollywood hills home.  
The door bell sounded making me jump slightly, I went over opening it to reveal a woman who must have been in her mid 40's standing there. She looked nice enough. 
"Hi sweetheart grab your bag and let's go" I looked at the hook next to the door grabbing the first one I saw looking to see of I had my keys in there. They were so I left locking my door behind me. 
It was weird getting to the MTV studios, there were fans waiting for me to arrive and when I did they began screaming and crying. I felt so awkward I never handled crying people well but I kept my cool taking pictures and signing autographs. The interview didn't take long, it seemed like I had been there a few times cause there were funny pictures of me, Harry and some interviews at their New Years parties. It was fun. I kept clear of any questions that involved how I started since I really had no idea. 
I found out my managers name was Claire, she was really sweet taking videos and pictures of me for my YouTube account which I uploaded a new video every week to keep my fans in the loop. I found my VIP laminate it was in one of my drawers. 
I really hated not knowing anything about myself, it made things awkward. Twitter was cool, I had 22.6 million followers and I was only following 800. I felt like a jerk I had so many people dying to get my attention and it seemed like I just ignored them. I decided since all I had to do was change into what I was planning on wearing tonight and I had and hour and a half to do that I decided I would talk to some fans. 

@Larkin_Morrisi hey everyone. I'm going to be following a few of the first people to respond to this

I instantly had over 2,000 retweets and replies. I ended up following over 400 people in fifteen minutes. 

@Larkin_Morrisi I'm going to do a twitcam here's the link (twitcam.com/uwj7281) 

I talked to fans for a little while before I had to get ready. The twitcam ended with 67,800 people watching which was odd since just yesterday I didn't even have 300 friends on Facebook. 
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