A One Direction Story

This story is about three best friends helping Niall after falling off his bike, but will there be romance or even relationships? I'm going to try and update every day if not then once every week. How weird i'm doing a musical in school and i got the part of princess Jasmine what a coincidence!


1. The knock on the door


Felicity’s P.O.V.

It was in summer and my two best friends and I were having a pool party late in the afternoon. We were doing canon balls into the pool, diving summersaults and back flips There was Jasmine she was tall and had brown ringlets that reached her shoulders and she had the strangest shade of Hazel eyes and she had tanned skin had the happiest personality and would never be sad, Jasmine always wore metallic blues and purples. Lillie had long black straight hair that reached her bellybutton and also had a straight black fringe that was just under her eyebrows, she had pale skin and had really dark brown eyes and she always wore dark colours. She wasn’t ever overly happy probably because she used to get abused by her parents when she was younger. My name is Felicity I have strawberry-blond hair that was long and it was curly I had emerald green eyes and I had slightly tanned skin. I was a mixture of happy and sad because I was super unlucky but that would never get me down. I always wore red and yellow. The party was really good until there was a long persistent nock on the door. I thought it was the neighbors because they were knocking on the door before because apparently the music was too loud but I think that it was because they HATE One Direction. We were extreme Directioners Lillie loved Zayn, Jasmine loved Harry and I loved Niall.

“I’ll get it.” Jasmine yelled at me.

Then everything went silent.

“Jasmine. Jasmine are you there? I yelled beginning to get worried.

After a few minutes of me screaming at her to answer me I heard a blood-curdling scream. Lillie and I looked at each other and we ran out of the pool running to the door. When we got to the door I saw that Jasmine was unconscious on the floor. We dropped down to the floor to see if she was okay.

“What is wrong with yo..” Lillie screeched with disgust at the people standing at the door.

Then she stopped in mid sentence. I could tell that she was staring at one person in particular. I looked up and automatically see who she was staring at it was Zayn. Wait a minute it was Zayn and with that we saw Zayn and Harry from One Direction at our door.

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