A One Direction Story

This story is about three best friends helping Niall after falling off his bike, but will there be romance or even relationships? I'm going to try and update every day if not then once every week. How weird i'm doing a musical in school and i got the part of princess Jasmine what a coincidence!


2. Nialls accident

Harry’s P.O.V.

Zayn, Niall and I went bike riding they were doing tricks and stunts. I didn’t like doing tricks because last time I did I nearly broke my neck so I just walk my bike or ride really slowly.

“Hey Harry don’t be a chicken” Zayn teased me.

They wanted me to do my old signature stunt that made me win the ‘British Cup’ back in 2006 I called it the ‘triple flip sweep’ which is where I do three summersaults sideways and skid at the end. But I was super scared of that move because that move also ended my career.

“Mmmmm Chicken” Niall Muttered under his breath.

“No you know what happened last time!” I protested in a stern voice.

“Ohhh fine meet you back at home” Niall yelled as he raced off leaving me with Zayn.

“Could you” I started to say when Zayn cut me off by saying

“Sure but hurry I want to keep an eye on Niall you know how stupid he can be when he is all alone."

Once Zayn finished saying ‘alone’ we heard a scream so we rode our bikes as fast as they would go and when I said we, I meant Zayn rode his bike and I ran on the road. After a while of running and riding we saw Niall on the ground clutching his knee.

“Ahhhhhhhhh” Niall screamed as we asked where it hurt. We carefully placed him on the side of the road incase a car came by.

“We will be right back Niall, we will go and get help. Okay?” Zayn said calmly towards Niall.

“Okay.” Niall sighed being upset that his two best would leave him on the side of the road.

We raced to the closest house and I started knocking like crazy on the door hoping that someone was home. The door started to open and a beautiful girl was standing at the door in her metallic blue bikini with blue metallic finger and toenails.

“Umm….We need help our friend is injured to you have a first aid kit hun?” I said staring into her lovely hazel eyes. But she just stared at me with a blank expression on her face.

“Ummmm….hun are you alright?”


With what she had just said she dropped on the ground.

“Hun hun are you ok wake up?” I said in concern.

Then I heard two pairs of feet sprinting towards us.

Then they dropped to the ground.

“What’s wrong with yo..” a pretty girl with black hair screeched at us in disgust while she slowly looked up at us standing in the doorframe. She was wearing a black bikini with black finger and toenails. She just stopped in mid sentence. She gave us a beautiful smile then her friend looked up at Zayn with a blank look then she started smiling and started to giggle. She had red hair that was long and curly with enchanting emerald green eyes she wore a red bikini and she had red finger and toe nails.

“Ahhhhhhhhh Zayny, Hazza where are you guys?” Niall cried at the top of his lungs holding his knee on his side.

“Ohhh right, do you lovely ladies have a first aid kit our friend Niall he hurt his knee?” Zayn asked.

“Really Zaynie and Hazza very inventive!” the girl with red hair stated sarcastically.

“Yea we all have nick names like Nialls is actually Nialler.” I replied

I could see the two girls ‘who were still consious’ starting to giggle at our ridiculous nickname.

“Oh yea follow me my name is Lillie but all my friends call me Lill. And your Zayn right?” trying not to act like a fan. And with that they left me alone with the pretty girl with red hair and the lovely girl with brown hair still unconscious. “Oh right sorry my name is Felicity.” the red haired girl said to me in a perky voice. “And this” pointing to the girl on the floor “is Jasmine but she likes to be called Jazz. Wow!” she said looking towards the Lill and Zayn walking into the kitchen, I think.

“What?” I said looking towards them.

“Well I haven’t seen Lill look that happy since she was five!” she said still looking towards their direction.

“How come?” I responded.

“Well…” she began to say until she looked at Jazz lying on the floor beginning to stutter.

“On-One Di-Directon is a-at the d-door.” she said looking happy.

“Are you ok hun?” I said staring into her eyes.

She began to blush and said, “Yea I was just a bit exited.”

“That’s alright hun just as long as your okay.” I said in my flirtiest voice.

“Ahhhhhhhhh Harry, Zayn.” I hear Nandoboy scream then cry.

“Zaynie, Lill Niall’s in need of the first aid kit.” I yell to them, as they wouldn’t come out of the kitchen.

“Oh shit I forgot!” I heard Zaynie say loudly.

Then his heavy footsteps came banging towards us.

And then he stopped at the door and said “Do you lovely ladies know how to help an injured knee?” he asked looking clueless.

“Yea I studied in nursing I can help.” Lill said.

“Thanks Lill,” I heard Zayn say. “He is out here.”

We saw Nialler crying on the side of the road.

“Hello Niall my name is Lillie but you can call me Lill, are you ok? Do you want me to help you?” I heard Lill say acting like Niall was a baby.

“Yes please.” Niall said crying.

“Hi my name is Felicity but you can call me Licity, lets take you inside, is that okay with you?” Licity said in concern.

With what Licity said Niall looked up and stared into her eyes

“Yea” Niall said sounding love struck.

“Zayn and Harry can you pick him up and we will show you where the lounge is.” Jazz obstructed.

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