A One Direction Story

This story is about three best friends helping Niall after falling off his bike, but will there be romance or even relationships? I'm going to try and update every day if not then once every week. How weird i'm doing a musical in school and i got the part of princess Jasmine what a coincidence!


4. Love at first sight

Louis' P.O.V

I wonder why Lill was upset. Did is say something to make her unhappy? I hope that Lill is okay and that she can tell me in confidence.

"Lets get the party started!" I heard Hazza yell at the top of his lungs.

Then two young ladies giggle then splashes into the pool. As we walked through the corridor of the hosts house i saw a wall of pictures on the wall of a young girl about 10 or 11 with vibrant red hair in concerts singing. We then walked out through the back door and i saw the same girl sitting on a deck chair near the pool with Niall next to her with his leg in a bandage. Once i took another look at her i stared for a while getting lost in her emerald green eyes until Lee bumped into me on purpose i think... i think that he saw me stare at her. I feel that i instantly fell in love with her. Wait NO... i LOVE Elenor, and only Elenor and no girl that i lay my eyes on will change that! 

"Oi Lou and Lee come over hear to meet these three amazing girls that are hosting this awesome pool party!" Zaynie said gesturing me and Lee to come over to him and three girls standing next to him, "this is Felicity or Licity as she likes to be called," pointing to the girl that i got lost in her eyes before. "Excuse me i'm hungry." She smiled and went and over to Niall eating at a massive table covered in food. "This is Jasmine," pointing to the girl with brown hair in ringlets that just reach her shoulders "or she likes to be called Jazz" she smiled and waved until Hazza came over and picked her up and threw her into the pool and was in not long after. "And last but definitely not least Lillie or Lill and she's mine" he smiled at her and she let out a small grin.

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