A One Direction Story

This story is about three best friends helping Niall after falling off his bike, but will there be romance or even relationships? I'm going to try and update every day if not then once every week. How weird i'm doing a musical in school and i got the part of princess Jasmine what a coincidence!


3. First aid helper


Lillie’s P.O.V.


I cant believe that Zayn actually made me smile. I actually can’t remember when I last smiled. And oh my god I can’t believe that One Direction is in our house. Then Zaynie and Hazza placed Nialler on the lounge.

“Where does it hurt Niall? Is it your knee?” I asked in a more mature voice then last time I asked him if he was okay.

“Mmm hmm.” Niall said still in tears.

With that Lisity went over to him and started holding his hand and said

“Its okay Lill studied nursing it won’t hurt” Nialler looked into her eyes and put on a smile for her. I could tell that he was trying to act strong in front of her.

“Done” I said. Feeling accomplished.

“Wow that didn’t hurt a bit thanks” Nialler said giving me a lovely smile, “ and do you guys have any food I’m kinda hungry?”

“Yea I’ll show you” Lisity said giving me a wink.

“Sooooo do you guys want to stay here and have a pool party cuz we are already having one?” Jazz asked giving them puppy eyes.

“Umm well if its okay with you fine girls.” Zaynie said smiling happily

Nialler and Lisity came back with handfuls of food smiling and talking to each other.

“Lisity is it okay if they stay for our pool party?” I pleaded giving her a look.

“Ummm let me think about that……ummmm……errrr……sure why not.” Lisity teased us.

“Yay” The boys screamed in unison.

“You can invite the other boys if they want to come.” Jazz said really exited.

“I’ll text Liam and Louis” Harry said to Jazz smiling, “they would love to come what’s your address?”

“It’s 114 Parry Parade” Jazz said giving me a questioned look. I nodded at her signaling that it was the right address.

“They will be here any second now.” and with Harry’s remark the doorbell rang.

“I think that I will get the door this time” I said looking at Jazz. Once I said her name she began to blush.

“Ello boys” I said to the boys in a fake British ascent.

“Ello lovely lady is this 114 Parry Parade?” Louis asked looking confused.

“Yea the others are out the back by the way my name is Lillie but my friends call me Lill” I responded with a smile.

“Well my name is Louis or Lou” Louis said looking at Liam. Liam just gave Lou a toothy smile with his eyes closed. “ This is Liam or Lee” now Lou was smiling. “I’ll show you where the rest are.” I said looking sad.

“Whats wrong Lill?”  Lee asked in concern but I just ignored him because I didn’t want him or any of the boys to find out my secret.


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