Just Haven't Met You Yet (One Direction FanFiction)

Alyssa and her best friend Maddy live a pretty nomal life until one summer. They live in Vancouver, BC and one day they accidentally bump into 5 very handsome musicians. Is love in the air?


6. Coffee

Chapter 6: Coffee

Maddy was cut off by the jingle of the door opening and Louis almost falling into the Starbucks panting. We immediately rush over and help him to a larger table.

"Louis! Why are you panting and so exhausted?" I ask.

"Yea! Are you ok? Did you hurt yourself?" Maddy adds.

"I'm fine, just tired from running." He replies

"Running?" Maddy and I say in unison.

“The lads and I were about to leave our hotel to come here when our car wouldn’t start. So we tried to fix it ourselves but i’m pretty sure we just made it worse. Liam called a mechanic and is waiting at the hotel for them to come. He said he was going to catch up with us as soon as he could.” Louis explains.

“Ok but where is everyone else?” Maddy asks.

“Should be here in a little bit. I started to run as soon as we found out our car was broken. The lads stayed with Liam until he got confirmation that the mechanic would come.”

Now three more tired, worn out boys stumble through the Starbucks door. Zayn, Niall and Harry plop down in the other seats at our table. Louis, Maddy and I start to giggle.

“Is that what I looked like when I came in?” Louis asks while laughing.

“Yes but with a pinch of drama and falling.” I reply.

Everyone starts to laugh now. We calm down and the boys go order their drinks. As they wait, Liam comes in and orders as well. Maddy and I are almost half-done ours by the time they sit down with their drinks. There is an awkward silence and i’m trying to hold in the laughter that is building up inside of me. Soon it gets to be too much and I burst out laughing. Everyone looks at me and starts to giggle. Liam turns to Maddy and asks:

“Does she always do this?” Which makes everyone laugh much harder.

“Sooooo.... What’s your favourite colour?” Louis asks





Louis turns to the boys and says: “I wasn’t asking you! I already know that!” He looks back at Maddy and I and smiles “So??”

“Well my favourite colour is pink!” I reply without hesitation.

“Haha so typical Lys,” Maddy says, “Oh and mine is purple.”

“MEE TOOOOO!” Louis almost shouts.

The barista looks over at us and shushes us. Looks like something a librarian would do...

“Hobbies?” Zayn asks.

“All sports really.... Listening to music, shopping, stuff like that.” Maddy replies right away.

“Lys?” He asks turning towards me.

“Oh well, ummm... You see, you ask a very difficult question. One cannot simply describe what they like to do in a mere couple of words. Try explaining your whole life’s story in a book as thick as a children’s picture book. That would be very tough you see. Also, when a question like that is asked, one does not know what time period the person asking the question is talking about. Most people assume it is the present but if you think about it, you really didn’t specify when or where. Oh yes, location matters as well. Since some people do like to enjoy different things in different places. For example, one may love to play hockey here but not want to play while on vacation in the Bahamas. Different environments chance what we enjoy doing. People can also influence activities you enjoy doing. Some situations people are in, they are pressured into saying or doing one thing when they really want to say or do another. Now in the current place I live and in the current time period, I like reading, problem solving, knitting, music in general, writing, curling and acquiring new skills.”

I look down and take a sip of my drink. When my eyes come back up, I see all 5 boys staring at me shocked while Maddy is also taking a sip of her drink.

“What? Is it something I said?” I turn to Maddy, “Oh Maddy was I doing it again?” She nods.

“Surprisingly the first time today.” She chuckles.

I see the boys with a confused look on their face and I laugh.

“You see, I tend to ramble a lot. For instance one day I was talking to Maddy about pie but somehow as I was talking, the topic turned into the musical Grease. Quite quickly in fact... About one sentence into what I was saying.”

Harry was looking at me like I was talking crazy and I could tell what he was thinking. I get up to throw my cup away and as I pass Harry I stop.

“I’m not crazy, just special” I say with a big grin. I ruffle his curls a bit and go to the garbage to throw my cup out.

I come back to see everyone laughing and Harry looking a little embarassed.

“This has been a day with Maddy and Alyssa. Make sure to tune in next time when we try to explain our crazy, messed up lives.” Maddy says in an announcer’s voice.

Everyone almost rolls over laughing and this time the barista comes to our table to warn us that we are being too loud. We then get up and leave the Starbucks. The air outside is crisp and cool. I am sure glad I brought my mittens with me.

“Girls, this has been great but the lads and I really have to get going, our interview on the Beat is in half an hour.” Liam says.

“Ok, it was nice to meet you guys. It was really neat having coffee with you today.” I replied.

“Yea it was cool sitting beside the people I have idolized for a very very long time. Have a good time in Vancouver! I think you will really like it!” Maddy adds.

The boys thank us and we say our goodbyes. We go our separate ways but not long after we part, someone from behind me taps me on the shoulder and I turn around. I meet some familiar blue eyes and blonde hair staring back at me.

“Oh! Niall! Wha-” I stop myself and look at him confused.

“I was just thinking that this doesn’t have to be the last time we see each other. Here’s my number. We will be in town for awhile and the lads were wondering if you and Maddy could give us a tour sometime?” I take the piece of paper he is holding out for me and say:

“That would be awesome!”

We are interrupted by a horn honking. I turned to see the boys in their car pulling up beside us.

“Come on Niall! We have to go!” Louis said from the passenger’s seat.

“Oh alright, I’m coming!” he turns to me, “See you soon.” With a smile he goes to join the others in their car.

[Im deeply sorry that i havent updated for a long time. School is so overwhelming at the moment and so is sports. My sports team got to provincials last weekend! Anyways, I spent awhile on this chapter trying to make it perfect :) Thanks for reading it sofar! I can’t believe the views are almost to 1000! That would be so amazing if there were over 1000 views. :D If you guys have any suggestions or anything dont hesitate to comment! I will gladly take some constructive criticism because this is my first fan fic! -MegD]

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