Just Haven't Met You Yet (One Direction FanFiction)

Alyssa and her best friend Maddy live a pretty nomal life until one summer. They live in Vancouver, BC and one day they accidentally bump into 5 very handsome musicians. Is love in the air?


2. An Unexpected Meeting

Chapter 2: An Unexpected Meeting

“Its fine, are you alright?” His Irish accent mesmerized me as he spoke.

The voice belonged to a boy around my age and height that had blonde hair. He was wearing a light green shirt that says “Free Hugs” on it , tan pants and black nike shoes.

“Oh yes, sorry again.” I say quickly looking away.

“Hey you were the girls from the restaurant right?” He asked me.

“Yea, that’s kinda why we are standing outside the restaurant door!” Maddy interrupts.

He looks at Maddy and laughs, “Oh , I guess I should introduce meself, I’m Niall.”

“Alyssa. “ I reply while shaking his hand.

We stopped shaking but he still held my hand. I look down at our hands and he quickly lets go.

“You guys are really loud.” Maddy says.

“Haha yea.” Niall replies.

Four more guys come through the restaurant door and Niall turns to greet them.

“Hey lads!” he says.

“Hey” they reply.

“This is Alyssa and ...” Niall realises he never learned Maddy’s name and turns to her.

“Maddy.” She replies

“Maddy.” Niall finishes.

“Well nice to meet you ladies, I’m Liam.” The boy in a blue plaid shirt replies, “and this is Harry, Zayn and Louis.”

“Nice to meet you.” I say to the boys.

“Oh my gosh.” Maddy says suddenly, “You guys are One Direction aren’t you?”

“Why yes we are!” the boy called Louis replies happily.

“Wow, what- why- how- huh?” Maddy stammers as she is trying to talk.

“Maddy breathe.” I say since she looks like she is going to hyperventilate.

Maddy is a huge fan of One Direction. I like their music but don’t obsess over them like most other teenage girls. The boys chuckle but Maddy is so shocked and confused.

“We should go,” Liam says “Looks like a storm’s coming on.”

"It looks like that all the time here." I say while laughing.

Everyone starts to laugh and Liam's phone starts to ring. He picks up and has a very quick conversation. He hangs up and turns to the boys.

"Paul was just reminding us that we have to do an interview with a local radio station tomorrow. The beat? I'm not really sure -"

"OMG, I love listening to the Beat!! They play awesome music!" I say interrupting Liam.

Everyone goes silent and looks at me.

"Awkward...." I say to break the silence.

Madly and I burst out laughing because we had an inside joke. I tend to say the word awkward ALOT. Like way more than any person should. So Maddy challenged me to not say it for a whole day but it didn't really work out... The guys looked at us like we had gone crazy which only made us laugh even harder. We sat down cause our sides hurt from laughing. We calmed down and Louis spoke.

"You guys are weird.."

"We know!" I reply with a huge goofy grin.

It started to rain and thunder clouds were rolling in.

"Ok now it does look like a storm." Liam said.

Everyone agreed and Maddy asked to get a picture with them. I took a picture with Maddy's phone and Louis said that I should get in the picture as well. So I got a passer-by to take a photo of everyone together. Maddy thanked them and we parted ways. On the car ride home Maddy kept obsessing over what had just happened. She said that she regretted not getting their autographs and kept talking about One Direction. We get to our apartment and are so tired that we go straight to bed. Maddy played some One Direction song over and over until she fell asleep but all I could think about were Niall's bright blue eyes.

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