Just Haven't Met You Yet (One Direction FanFiction)

Alyssa and her best friend Maddy live a pretty nomal life until one summer. They live in Vancouver, BC and one day they accidentally bump into 5 very handsome musicians. Is love in the air?


1. School's Out

Chapter 1: School’s Out

“Can you believe that summer is already here?” I say to my best friend Maddy as we walk to my car.

"Now we can just relax and chill by the pool!” she replies.

The drive from the University to our apartment takes 10 minutes but is pleasant because the weather is really nice compared to the normal rain we get here in Vancouver. We finally get to our apartment and I let us inside. Immediately we drop our bags and head to our rooms. After changing into our bathing suits, we go downstairs to the pool which is conveniently located 3 floors down from our apartment. We get some towels, put our stuff down and dive into the deep end of the pool. It feels so refreshing on this very hot day to have the water flowing through my dark brown hair. I resurface and see Maddy sitting on the edge of the pool deck. Her blonde hair was tied up in a messy bun and she had a pink bikini on. I get out of the pool and sit on the lounge chairs. Maddy comes and sits on the lounge chair beside me.

“What should we do this summer?” I ask Maddy as I put on my sunglasses and lay back on the chair.

“Well.... I want to make this the best summer ever!”

“You say that every summer!”

“And this summer it really will be the best! Haha” Maddy says while laughing.

After about two hours in the pool, we finish up and go inside. Its 5:00 so we decide to go out for dinner. I drive my blue Ford Fiesta to the nearest restaurants. We find this plaza not too far from our flat and park in front of subway.

“What do you want to eat?” I ask Maddy.

“Hmm well what is there here?” she replies.

“Subway, Tim Hortons, Pizza Hut, Nandos and White Spot.”

“We haven’t eaten at Nandos before, let’s try there!” Maddy said.

Maddy and I walk in and see that this is a pretty big restaurant for a small plaza. But there are only about two tables with people eating. We were seated and ordered what the waiter said was his favourite. The food was really good and I couldn’t believe that we had never come here before since it was so close to where we live. All of a sudden the table on the other side of the restaurant erupted in laughter. We look over to see a group of boys almost dying of laughter. Maddy and I look at each other and mischievously smile. We laugh really loud mocking the other table and almost start to roll on the floor laughing. Then we stop laughing and continue to eat as if nothing happened. I look around the restaurant to see the table of boys staring at us stunned. Then they started to laugh. Maddy looked over at them and started to giggle. Soon both out tables were once again laughing. After everyone calmed down, we paid for our dinner and got up to leave. We left the restaurant and stopped outside the door wondering what to do next. Suddenly, we hear the door open behind us and I turn to get bumped into by someone.

“Oh!” I say taken by surprise, “Sorry didn’t mean to bump into you we were just talking and then the door opened and-“ I looked up to see beautiful blue eyes staring back at me.

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