Let the sound of there voice bring you up

when a little girl age 11 gets told that her biggest dream will never come true by her mother herself, she goes to the 1d boys for help to begin her dream, but will they help or just think she is one of those crazed fans?


3. perfect until i see black

it was like it was made for me this sign to actually see my idols and begin my dream to be one of the famous people. I brush my brown curls out of my eyes just to make sure I was reading the sign right. But as I stare At the banner I start to feel disy and tired and I start spinning around. I start to shut my eyes and lose track of my steps. I am trying and trying to see but I am Losing eyesight as well. The last thing I see is my best friend valerie come into view , great she can catch me when i .............

I here a voice whispering in my head . I run my fingers across the smooth cold leather and realize where I am. I tap my finger on the hard wooden floor just to make sure I am where I think I am and I am positive when I hear my mothers echoing voice. Great I am home , just another day of my monstrous parents trying to destroy my happiness and freedom.
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