Let the sound of there voice bring you up

when a little girl age 11 gets told that her biggest dream will never come true by her mother herself, she goes to the 1d boys for help to begin her dream, but will they help or just think she is one of those crazed fans?


6. My name

I wait for the bell to ring anxiously. I was waiting with my fists clenched. I heard it finally and ran for the office and wrote my essay name......act.......age.........., I finished in under two minutes. I took the sheet to the counter and the pointed to a little box in the corner. I strolled over to the box and slipped it in. I managed to Peer through the small gap to find thousands of entries I started to doubt my chances of winning so I walked out the door in a sulk.

Nialls p.o.v

Our manager rushed through the door, "sorry boys , I just remembered you have to go to this school to announce the winner of who you will be working with for a few weeks " she said catching her breath. I took a huge sigh, again!? Seriously. Me and the boys find this so boring it hurts. I het sick of teenagers coming up and screaming in our faces. I mean we'rennot horror movies we are ordinary boys just like the ones you find in your form Class
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