Let the sound of there voice bring you up

when a little girl age 11 gets told that her biggest dream will never come true by her mother herself, she goes to the 1d boys for help to begin her dream, but will they help or just think she is one of those crazed fans?


5. An obstacle after another

It was actually a yes! After all that hard working of begging my mother to say yes to any of my random questions that might happen to involve my carrier in life she said yes to the most important one of them all. yay ! I run to the school office and ask for a one direction essay but they shake their head at me. My mouth drops open and I feel like my eyes are burning. "why not " i shout at them trying not to sound too mean and not to take all my feeling and anger out on them. " we have given out hundreds , we have none left " "can't you just print some more" I say fighting back at them with fierce eyes, now I am getting seriously angry. "no darl we can't it's not that easy, the printers broken in here and we have only a certain amout that the school are allowed to print off" the office worker replys. I start for the door when the lady calls my name. I turn around on my heel and answer "how can I help" she looks at me and hands me a sheet of white paper. I scan it and a wide grin appears on my once was fierce face , an essay !
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