Best Friends

My names Taylor, and I'm 17. My best friend's name is Niall Horan. He's been my best friend since i was 5. We met at my cousin's birthday party. People think he's my boyfriend, but no. He once took me to Disney Land. we went on tower of terror and california screamin'. Then right after we got off, this girl, same age as us. She started flirting with him.. I kinda got jealous. I don't know why, maybe cuz he was my best friend. I didn't know what to do so i just stood there like a stick. She was so pretty. Then when i noticed, they were talking and walking to the "dippin' dots" stand, while I, was walking behind them probably 3 feet away, staring at them two. I looked at my watch, it was 7:30. My dad was picking me up at 7:45. "Hey Niall, we gotta go, my dad's waiting," i said to him. "Oh yeah, be there in a sec.," he said. I started walking to the bench. I was waiting for 10mins. My phone buzzed. it was my dad texting me. "Taylor, where r u?" he asked. "Niall! " "Come on!!" I yelled.


1. Do I Like Him More Than a Friend?

    "Hold on Taylor!!" He yelled over. I was mad for no reason. We got into the car. "So, did you two have fun?:" my dad asked. "Not really" "I had fun alot" Niall and i said at the same time. we looked at each other. i opened the car window for some fresh air. My dad stared at me from the back mirror. He looked kind of worried. "Well, why not?" Niall asked. I stared at him giving him a mad look. We got to Niall's house. "Bye Taylor, Mr. Morgan., Taylor text me tonight. K?" I ignored him. I was thinking, what am i gonna tell him? That i was mad cuz he was spending the whole day with that girl? "Taylor, What happened at Disney Land?" My dad asked. "Nothing dad, just don't mind anything." 

    I woke up, it was 5:00. I checked my phone, nothing. I was about to text Niall but i remembered that I'm mad. Who am I now? A 17 year old thats single and lost her best friend? Maybe i should go to Nialls house and apologize for how i was acting... i took a shower, changed, ate some crunchy cereal, brushed my teeth, and drove away. I looked at my watch, it was 8:30. Niall usually wakes up at 8:00.

   Got to Niall's house. He answered the door, i looked at his face, it looked like he was talking but i couldn't hear anything, maybe because i didn't know what to say. "Taylor?" i finally heard him.



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