Fell for you

Its been a year since Harry and Becca have been dating, they see each other as much as they can because Becca lives in another country and Harry is always touring. Harry proposes to her but will she be willing to move to england to be with him?


2. Chapter two

Harrys POV
I sigh as i look out the window of the tour bus. All of the other boys were sitting at the table stuffing their faces with food, but i'm sitting all alone thinking of becca. "sigh". I said outloud, liam came and sat beside me. "haz don't worry about it, shes fine!" liam said to me assuringly. "but what if she replaced me? I can't live with that!" all of a sudden i heard my phone buzz. I picked it up and i was suprised to see that it was Becca "when are you coming to see me?" i relized suddenly that we were headed to her town anyway so i told the driver to make a pit stop at her house. "hehhehe" i replied back to her. I got up off the seat and to the fridge where i found the 11 roses i had gotten for her. I walked into the bunk room and pulled out my bag and rumaged around in it until i found a plastic rose and a stripped zebra i had won for her. I found a box and put the zebra in it. 3 minuites later the bus stopped in front of Beccas house. I got off and told the boys i would be back soon. I walked up the driveway and knocked on the door. She answered it with her head down and said "go on down." i was shocked that she didn't look up. "baby i want to hang out with you!" i said to her. She looked up and ran into my arms and hugged me, i saw the tears starting to roll down her face, it had been 3 weeks since she'd seen me. She pulled me down the staris and into her bedroom. She opened the door and i saw tons of pictures of me and of us. We sat down on her bed and we caught up. "so are you coming with me?" i asked her. "yes!" she said excitedly as she started packing up her stuff. "its my first time in england!" she said to me.
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