Fell for you

Its been a year since Harry and Becca have been dating, they see each other as much as they can because Becca lives in another country and Harry is always touring. Harry proposes to her but will she be willing to move to england to be with him?


6. Chapter six

Harrys POV
We were barley at the airport but i couldn't help myself! As soon as becca fell asleep and i was done starring at her and playing with her hair, i mentioned the ring idea to the rest of the boys and they all agreed and we asked the bus driver if she could stop at a local jeweller store, she agreed and she stopped. I pulled beccas head off of me and stood up. We all walked into the jewelery store. Of course as soon as we walked in people wanted pictures and autographs. We signed and posed until everybody was happy. I begain browsing around the ring counter. "looking for something special harry?" a girl who looked 18 said to me. "well me and my girlfriend have been dating for a year now and i wanna get her a promise ring!" i said happliy. She opened thr cabnet and pulled out a tray. I pointed out a couple as she told me about them. I decided on a gold ring with one simple dimand in the middle of it. We paid and left, as soon as i got to the bus i saw becca still asleep, **she's so beautiful!** i thought to myself. I quickly rushed over to the couch and repositioned myself with her head on my lap and started to play with her hair again.
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