Fell for you

Its been a year since Harry and Becca have been dating, they see each other as much as they can because Becca lives in another country and Harry is always touring. Harry proposes to her but will she be willing to move to england to be with him?


4. Chapter four

Harrys POV
When Becca was done packing up, i followed her upstairs into her kitchen and then she went hunting through her cabinets until she found a bag of salt and vinegar chips. We walked over to the door and we put pur shoes on. *Damn! Becca looked so hot! With the really skinny lepord print pants and all!* i tried to contain myself for 3 more minuites while she goes and tells her grandmother about where she was going. After she was done doing that i grabbed her suitcase and her hand and we made our way to the tour bus. The boys greeted her and i felt the anger in myself rise when they called her "love" she's my love and only mine! I sat down on the other couch wanting Becca to come and join me. She made her way over to me and layed down on the couch with her head on my lap, "you tired baby?" i asked her. She nodded her head yes as she closed her eyes. I know becca didn't like when anybody touched her hair but i took the elastic out of her hair anyway and i started to run my fingers through her hair. My phone buzzed, i picked it up and saw that it was a text from filecity. "i don't need you anymore! I have a girlfriend now!" he had said, i texted back to her with "good for you! I have a girlfriend to! Her names becca and shes with me right now!" I can't belive her sometimes! She just left me after 4 years together! I was even gonna give her a promise ring. But now I've got Becca, she's my world to me now, and since we've been dating under the radar for almost 2 years now, we are going to go public and me and the boys are finding The perfect promise ring for her!
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