Fell for you

Its been a year since Harry and Becca have been dating, they see each other as much as they can because Becca lives in another country and Harry is always touring. Harry proposes to her but will she be willing to move to england to be with him?


5. Chapter five

Becca's POV
Hours after i fell asleep with harry playing with my hair, i am woken by the bus not running, i get off of the couch and walk through the bus, noone in sight! I walk to the very front of the bus and see the driver sitting there. "where's everybody?" i ask her. "they're just taking a pit stop, they'll be back soon!" she responded to me. I walked back to the couch and layed down, i closed my eyes and fell asleep again. I started dreaming of my future with Harry, my beautiful wedding dress, my sons and daughters and our beautiful house on the water. Our lifes would be perfect!
A couple of minuites went by and i felt Harry pull my head up and set it back down on his lap. I couldn't sleep anymore so i opened my eyes and smiled at him, he smiled back at me and leaned down and kissed me on the lips, i kissed him back and i felt him smile. I opened my eyes and saw that harry was still smiling down at me, our noses touching. I felt around for his hand so i didn't need to break away from his stare. My phone buzzed breaking me away from his stare. I picked it up and saw that it was from d**chebag 2, i clicked the view button and read it "bbg plz tke me bck! I luv uu!!" "uggh!" i said out loud and deleted it. Ever since i started dating harry everyone's been jelous of me! "whats the matter baby?" harry asked i sighed and replied back to him "ex boyfriend"! "hunnie forget about him! Im sorry that hes gotta be like that babe!"
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