It All Happened In London

Lucy Moore and Her Best Friend Violet Whitley go on a trip to visit Lucy's Mum in London.When she meets her Mum's neighbours and befriends their daughter will Lucy realize that her brother is in a group called One Direction?


3. Chapter3;


Lucy’s P.O.V

Harry ended up bringing Vi up to the stage and Niall ended up bringing me. After they finished their mini concert for Lottie’s birthday we went back inside the house. We ended up talking and Harry finally remembered me and apologized for not telling me about The X factor. We exchanged phone numbers and went back home.

I could tell Vi was tired cause when we got home she instantly fell asleep on the couch. I went upstairs and got ready for bed. I got a text message from Harry.

Wanna come to the amusement park with us tomorrow , you’ll get to meet Perrie , Danielle & Eleanor. oh and bring Vi ;) xx

An Amusement park , aren’t they gonna get mobbed by fans? Oh well I Guess we can go since we have nothing better to do and plus we had so much fun hanging out with them today. I went downstairs to wake up Vi and inform her about our day tomorrow  , She agreed once I said we were going with Liam , Harry , Zayn , Louis and Niall. Then I texted Harry back.

Sure that’s fine and I can’t wait to meet the girls. c: xx

After I sent the text I put my phone on my night table and got comfy in my bed. Then I started to fall asleep thinking about what would happen tomorrow. Hopefully good surprises would happen.

---------------- {~ T h e  N e x t  D a y ~} ------------------

I woke up to the smell of bacon , I waited 1 minute , pinched myself making sure this wasn’t a dream and then I raced downstairs to the kitchen. I saw my Mum and Vi cooking Pancakes and Bacon.

“OOOH BACON , REMEMBER VI , EPIC MEAL TIME . BACON STRIPS <3 WOOO,” I said while high-fiving Vi. My mum stood there with a bewildered look on her face while Vi and I were laughing our heads off.

We set our food on individual plates and started to eat. After we were done we went straight upstairs to get ready. Before that I checked to see if Harry sent me the details about today and of course he did.

Niall will pick you up around 11 , and bring bikinis ;) cause there is a water park there xx

Great so we had 1 hour to get ready before Niall comes and wow , Harry is such a pervert. I went into Vi’s room and told her about the details.


“ Calm down , Harry said to bring a swimsuit cause there is a water park , just take a shower after we get out of the park,” I replied.

I went straight to my closet and pulled out Tie Front Plaid Shirt , denim shorts with star pattern and my uggs gladiator shoes. I put my hair into a ponytail because of how messy my hair would get if I went on the rides. I never put any makeup on cause I never felt like it.

I heard the doorbell ring and Niall was there and Vi came running down after me. Can’t wait for today~!

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