It All Happened In London

Lucy Moore and Her Best Friend Violet Whitley go on a trip to visit Lucy's Mum in London.When she meets her Mum's neighbours and befriends their daughter will Lucy realize that her brother is in a group called One Direction?


2. Chapter2; Surprises



We claimed our suitcases and went straight for the arrivals waiting area. When we got there we saw my mum , a girl that had blonde hair and looked like she was fourteen and a woman with wavy brown hair. The woman and the girl looked alike so I`m guessing they`re Mother and Daughter.`

“Hi , I`m Jay and this is my daughter Lottie ,” said the woman.

“Oh Yeah , my mum told me lots about you,” I said, “ Nice to meet you,”.

“Hi , I`m Violet , Lucy`s Best Friend,” said Violet ,”but you can call me Vi.”

After all of the introductions they brought us to my mum`s house. To be honest it was HUGE. Mum mentioned that Lottie was having a birthday party the day we arrived so Vi and I decided to change hence the fact that we were on a plane for about 7 hours. I changed into a salmon coloured blouse with floral printed shorts , a navy blue floral printed scarf and beige floral printed ballet flats. I also settled with a Valentino Large bow clutch. After I got all my makeup on and fixed my hair into a braid , I received a text from Vi telling me she had a shoe crisis so I helped her pick out black pumps to match her black highwaisted jeans ,red cardigan and a graphic tee. Then, soon after we arrived at the party. 

There weren`t many people there but I met Lottie`s twin sisters and Fizzy(Felicite).

“ My brother sent me a text saying he was arriving soon with his mates,” Lottie announced with excitement, “ You and my brother are about the same age.” Soon after the doorbell rang. Jay went to get it and started to hug her son. Then He hugged Lottie , Fizzy , Phoebe and Daisy.

“Vi , they look familiar,” I whispered into Vi`s ear.

“Yeah , They`re One Direction,” Vi said in an irritating tone. She wasn`t much of a directioner and I wasn`t myself but I guess their music was cool.

``I believe we haven`t met , I`m Louis and these are my mates Niall , Harry , Zayn and Liam,`` Louis said to Vi and I while pointing to his mates.

``I`m Lucy and this is Violet but you can call her Vi,`` I replied.

~Harry’s P.O.V

Violet’s eyes were mesmerizing and I couldn’t help but look into her eyes. Her smile was gentle and perfect and that made me melt. Then I took a quick look at Lucy and she looked quite familiar but I couldn’t make out where I’ve seen her before.

~Niall’s P.O.V

Lucy was absolutely stunning and her eyes we’re a unique shade of grey that I haven’t seen before. I could already tell that I liked her. She was just so beautiful that I couldn’t stop staring at her until she looked at me and we looked into each other’s eyes and quickly looked away.

~Lucy’s P.O.V

I looked at Harry and recognized him before. Then I remembered , Harry and I used to be Pen Pals when we were little. Then I caught Niall staring at me and I couldn’t help it but stare into his deep blue eyes. He was so handsome.

“Hey Lottie , we have a surprise for you,” Liam said while going into the backyard and revealed a stage. I would tell that they we’re gonna have a mini concert in their backyard.

They started off with the song What Makes You Beautiful. Then Gotta be you and so on. I knew all of their songs so I decided to sing along. Then when they were about to sing More Than This they grabbed a girl from our mini audience up to sing to them and Niall & Harry decided to come towards Vi and I.

*A/N*I know the first chapter was short , but i wasn't sure on how i should start the story.. soo I was thinking of Niall and Harry trying to pick Lucy . and stuff idk . its like 3Am and im tired a'f . so yeah , i'll write more tomorrow.*

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