It All Happened In London

Lucy Moore and Her Best Friend Violet Whitley go on a trip to visit Lucy's Mum in London.When she meets her Mum's neighbours and befriends their daughter will Lucy realize that her brother is in a group called One Direction?


1. Chapter1; Off To London


Off To London ~


“Lucy Wake Up and Get Your Ass Out Of Bed” , yelled Vi

“Okay Mom,” I mumbled.

“HEY I HEARD THAT AND STOP CALLING ME THAT,” Vi said while opening Lucy’s Bedroom door.

Hi , I’m Lucy and I’m 17. Vi is my childhood friend and we’ve been best friends for a very long time. She’s Practically a Sister to me.  She’s one year older than me. Her Real name is Violet but I like calling her Vi. I’m Turning 18 Next Month. My Parents are divorced , my dad abuses me when he’s drunk ever since my mum left. I’d rather live with my mum so today Vi and I are going to visit my mum and if we liked it there we are gonna go live in a flat.

“We’re Gonna Be Late!,” Vi said while checking her watch.

“ The plane leaves at 12am, we have to be at the airport at 10am, We have enough time,” I Said

I went to the washroom and took a shower. Then I brushed my teeth , washed my face , put my make up on and then fixed my hair. After, I went to my closet to pick out some clothes.  I chose a Tribal print tee with cream coloured jeans and Turquoise vans. Then I quickly packed my Toiletries and went downstairs to join Vi.

“You Ready?” I said while grabbing my denim backpack.

“Yep,” Vi said while grabbing both of her suitcases.

At around 9:55 we arrived at the Toronto Pearson Airport. We checked our bags in and then went through security , I thought it was funny cause Vi had to go through several times because she forgot to take off her belt.  After We went and got some breakfast since we we’re so hungry. Then at around 11:45 we started to board our plane. I got settled with watching The Hunger Games and Wrath of The Titans , While Vi settled with watching The Lucky One and A Thousand Words. I Can’t Wait To See What Happens In London.

Lucy&Vi's Outfit :

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