Be There

Mo and Harry have been the best of friends and neighbors since they where 3 years old. Harry decides to bring Mo on their US tour, will this ruin his relationship with his girlfriend Daisy? Will Mo and Harry's friendship still be the same after this trip?


1. Chapter 1


Okay so here's chapter 1! ENJOY!



Driving to the airport felt like the longest drive. My heart was beating like never before. My hand were all clammy while I checked my iPhone every now and then to see if she text me. "Calm down lad! We're almost there," said Louis while grabbing my shoulder. I couldn't help but smirk. Louis always knew how to calm me down. He knew me better then all the lads. He was the one i could tell everything and anything to. Deep breaths Harry, deep breaths. I haven't seen Mo since I left Homles Chapel for our US Tour. She's been my very best friend from the beginning. We grew up together, went to school together, pulled pranks on our neighbors together, we were inseparable, before I was on the X Factor we worked at the same bakery for a while. She was always there when i needed her and i was there when she needed me. We never let anyone come between our friendship. Everytime I got a girlfriend she would break up with me because she wanted most of my time spent with her not with mo. I would never choose a girl over my best friend. Never.

Our management finally let mo come on tour with us for a few months but it took a lot of convincing. Shes been wanting to go to the US for the longest time. Ever since she was a little girl all she talked about was traveling, to America, Australia, Mexico, you name it. I learned mostly everything about these country's from Mo. Now here we are today. Touring the US, I can't wait I just couldn't stand being so far away from her, even though we talk every night and skyped before we went to bed it just wasn't enough. I hope Daisy still isn't mad at me for picking my best friend over her, she came to visit last month and I felt like I couldn't hang with the boys like I usually do because of her, i couldnt be myself around Daisy. I felt like i had to put on a fake personality just to please her. And the boys didn't find Daisy to appealing. Who's Daisy you may ask? Daisy Carter was my girlfriend. We have been dating for 5 months now and it was going well. Not the best but it was good. She was a tall blonde model from Australia. I met her when I was invited to a party at a friends house a while back. We've had our rough times in a relationship but I always forgave her. The boys disagreed with me though. At least she accepted that I would be touring soon. She had a busy schedule to so it worked out well. She has some time off coming up but I had to choose between her and mo I hope she doesn't get upset

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