In The Garden

A short poem


1. In the Garden

In the Garden

The rose in early summer
All tangled, hoary vine
Holds court at the garden gate
And reigns there for a time

Scores of chalk red blooms
Their velvety essence bare
And the nectar of sweet perfume
To tease the summer air

Each petal a single beauty
That is softly pulled away
And falls to line the flagstone path
That gently leads the way

Through the arbor, you should pass
Her majesty with care
For tender tendrils softly hide
The threat of thorn my fair

For her monarch is a jealous rose
Of maidens young with grace
And would gladly bend a stem
To graze your tender face

And notch your cheek, with a single tear
Of precious crimson, blood
That mocks the rose’s vanity
And her freshest, reddest buds

For all of her royal splendor
The rose cannot compare
To my love with the sea green eyes
In the garden standing there
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