Live while you're young

A Harry Styles and Niall Horan love story. Harry meets a girl, Niall meets a girl, What else could go wrong.


4. What I've been waiting for.

* Samantha's POV *

I drove to Harry's house and saw him at the door.

He. was. perfect.

Dont stand there. Come in. he told  me.

I laughed. " okay . "

He kissed my forehead.

" I never got your name "

" Samantha, but you can call me sammi. "

" Okay Sam, You're certainly, the most gorgeous person, I have ever met. "

I blushed. and then giggled.

Damn me being, so flirty,

" thanks " I said, I couldnt help smiling,

We went and sat on the couch, as he sat next to me.

He was leaning in.


* Michelle's POV *

I arrived at Nialls door.

I knocked and he calm almost immeditately.

" Well hey there. "

" Hi Niall. "

" I was so caught up in your eyes I didnt get you're name ."

" Michelle. " I said shyly. THIS BOY IS MAKING ME NERVOUS,

We went to a small couch and starting talking.

Soon. He put his hand on my leg.

" You know Michelle, you're gorgeous. "

He leaned in. I closed my eyes, and breathed.

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