Live while you're young

A Harry Styles and Niall Horan love story. Harry meets a girl, Niall meets a girl, What else could go wrong.


2. The fall.

* Harry's POV *

At that moment.

From a distance I saw her.

I knew, she has to be mine. I knew it. She was so gorgeous.

I looked at her, into her hazel eyes, she smiled a shy smile, and looked away.

I walked over to her. She was too perfect. Ugh. I needed her.

She was shy.

" Hi " I said.

" me? " she asked.

" well yeah. "

" oh hi, "

" well, you're gorgeous. like stunning. "

" thanks. you're not too bad yourself. " she smiled examining me.

" well. tell me your number and uh, I'll text you later. "

We exchanged numbers and I headed back to the tour bus. Smiling.

* Nialls POV *

She was gorgeous. She looked me dead in the eyes.

I knew I had to make her mine. She was all there. Gorgeous and stunning.

I walked over to her, trying not to show how nervous I was.

" Hey." I said.

" Oh, Hi. " She said bashfully.

She was shy. I loved that.

" You're amazing, you really are. I think you're so gorgeous. "

" Thanks. "

" Text me sometime. "

I gave her my number and headed back to the bus.

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