Live while you're young

A Harry Styles and Niall Horan love story. Harry meets a girl, Niall meets a girl, What else could go wrong.


5. Oh my.

* Harry's POV *

I hoped I wasnt moving too fast.

She was so gorgeous.

I loved her.

So I kissed her.

" Harry, Isnt this a little soon? " she said.

" Look Sam, I love you. I really do. I sound crazy. But I do. Will you please be my girlfriend ? "

"Yes Harry I will. " She smiled. She was mine now.

I kissed her again. She came closer. And soon. She was ontop of me. Making out.

This was just amazing.

I knew. She was the one.

After that, We watched T.V her head on my chest while I was stroking her back.

Nothing could ruin this moment.

I asked if she would stay the night and she said yes.

I loved her. and I hoped she loved me too,

It was amazing, how much I can gain in a day,


Niall's POV

She was super pretty.

We were on the couch talking.

My hand was on her leg.

We were kissing.

Soon. All I remember was her sweet minty breath in with mine.

We walked up my room and she was on me. Making out with me.

" You're gorgeous " i said once again.

She kissed me, and said thank you.

Soon. We were upstairs in my room watching TV.

Her head was in my lap while we were watching SAW 4.

She was amazing, I loved her so much.

She kissed me.

I told her she could stay the night, so she did,

I loved her so much,

We made out once again. This time. We were under the sheets.

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