Live while you're young

A Harry Styles and Niall Horan love story. Harry meets a girl, Niall meets a girl, What else could go wrong.


1. Love at first sight.

* Samantha's POV *

I walked in the coffee shop with my best friend Michelle, It was packed, but oh well.

I ordered my usual and Michelle got some stupid soy latte.

As we walked out to my car, we saw there was a huge commotion going on in the parking lot.

I saw a tour bus, so, obviously is was someone famous.

" Just another famous sleeze ball. " I said.

" I know, I wonder who " Michelle answered.

" Wells go see. "

As we walked over, we saw it was One Direction.

Harry with raindrops in his hair.

All so gorggg.


Sam snap out of it.

* Michelle POV *

As soon as I saw Niall I knew I had to jump on it.

He was my perfect match,

My eyes soon met his.

His smile was gorgeous.

I loved him.

I had to meet him.

I knew I wouldnt ever get a chance, with someone like him.


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