Live while you're young

A Harry Styles and Niall Horan love story. Harry meets a girl, Niall meets a girl, What else could go wrong.


8. Fight.

* Harry's POV *

We packed and got on the plane. She was tired from staying up all night. I knew she had a fear of planes. So I was scared for her. She had her eyes close and had her face in my chest the whole time. She smelled amazing. I loved her so much I didn't wanna let her go. I had to make her mine forever. No one else could share her. She was so amazing. She woke up with her blue eyes looking at me. " Harry, are we almost there " she asked sleepily. " Yeah babe, we are, we'll be there in about 30 minutes. " "Oh" okay she answered. She put her head in my lap and laid there. I wish she'd stay there forever. She wouldn't ever get up. We finally got off the plane and headed to the studio in LA. We practiced for what seemed like a billion years, not like I didnt wanna see the guys. I just wanted to get back to the hotel and see her. But when I did she wasnt in the room, she was in the hallway with another man.

* Sam's POV *

" GET OFF ME " I yelled. My ex  Joesph was on top of me, trying to remove my clothes, I kicked and scream and yelled for help. I heard footsteps and heard Harry say my name. " SAM! " he yelled. " Harry help me," I said with tears in my eyes. "I never wanted this to happen. He found me, I swear. Help me. please. " All I saw was Harry punch him, and Joseph fall to the floor. Harry picked me up and ran me into the room. " Thank you harry " I said bawling my eyes out. He wiped my tears and told me I would never go through this again, I told him that was my ex and he saw the texts on my phone from him saying he found me and said that he was going to find me.  I cried more and more and just fell into his chest. I felt terrible. I fell asleep in his arms, dreaming about him. and me . ─▀██▀─▄███▄─▀██─██▀██▀▀▀█─ ──██─███─███─██─██─██▄█─── ──██─▀██▄██▀─▀█▄█▀─██▀█─── ─▄██▄▄█▀▀▀─────▀──▄██▄▄▄█─ —

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