Words Left Unspoken [HarryStyles]

"He would never make you happy. Not like I could've anyway. Because, my dear, I loved you with everything and knew you down to your bones. We could've been so happy if you had let us. If only you had let him go and loved me." - Harry Styles

A love story about a celebrity and a common girl. Enjoy.


2. Reckless

And the hardest thing, is to watch the person you love, be with someone else. ~ Unknown

She was the kind of girl you stopped to stare at as she passed in the hallways. She was the girl you always hated, but secretly wanted as your best friend. She was the girl every guy wanted, she was perfect. 

She was Cora Headley. 

Describing her in one word was nearly impossible, but it could be done. To those who didn't know her, she was beautiful. To those who did, she was charming. To those who loved her, she was vivacious. And to those who were in love with her, she was reckless. Now, loving someone and being in love with someone are two entirely different things, keep that in mind. 

Cora felt all those things, excluding reckless of course, walking out of school Friday afternoon, a boy at her side, talking into her ear. She half listened half scanned the crowd for her twin brother, also known as her ride home. To keep the boy from knowing she was practically deaf to him, she threw in occasional 'mmhmm's and 'wow's.They were enough to keep him talking, or maybe it was the fact of who he was talking to. Either way, the situation satisfied both of them. 

As she continued to pick through the sea of people, her eyes caught the head of Chris Jensen. The same feeling came to her, that comes to her every time she sees him. Her stomach erupted into butterflies and she felt as if she dry swallowed a huge pill. Yet at the same time, she felt like a blind person seeing the sun for the first time, every time. 

Chris Jensen was a childhood best friend, who, throughout many years, matured into a handsome boy. There was something about his tall stature and his cut short blonde hair and drowsy grey eyes that captivated Cora. He was certainly a gentlemen, raised by wealthy parents, and knew exactly how to treat a lady. In Cora's eyes, he was perfect.

When she saw him, she quickly retracted her arm from the boys grasp, throwing back a hasty goodbye. She nearly ran over to Chris, prepared to ask him for a ride because of her absent brother. It was a perfect scenario. 

I won't even snap at Richard. I should thank him for giving me a perfect excuse... Cora thought to herself while speeding over to Chris. But as the people around Chris thinned, she could get a better view of what was happening. And she didn't like it, one bit. 

Standing where Cora should be, was Annmarie Akerson, the prime example of a goody two shoes. Annmarie made straight A's every year, volunteered every Saturday and attended Church every Sunday. She was a devout Christian and everyone respected her for that, even the class douches who respect nobody. She stood up for what she believed in and didn't let anyone knock her down. She was a parents dream and a rebels nightmare. But in Cora's opinion, she was plain and boring; inside and out. She sported mousy brown hair that was kept trimmed just below her shoulders. She had a fair complexion, with a few freckles here and there across the bridge of her nose. Her eyes were a plain brown color, that lacked the lust of Cora's. 

So what made Cora so baffled about the whole situation, is why Cora paled next to Annmarie in Chris's eyes and not the other way around. Chris had always playfully flirted with Cora before, but ever since Annmarie, he wasn't around as much and it was worrying Cora. Chris obviously loved her, he had practically screamed it to her last Summer when he told her he was planning something huge, something that'll change his life. His love couldn't have died down, because hers certainly hadn't. 

So, instead of looking foolish, Cora turned around and headed in the way of the parking lot, hoping that Richard was already waiting for her. Because if he wasn't... he was in for it. Cora owned quite the temper, and it was times like these that made her a ticking timebomb. Her temper is part of what made her so reckless. 

When she reached the car, it just so happened Richard was waiting there for her, leaning coolly against the hood. 

"Hey Cor." he greeted, pushing off the hood. 

"Hey." she grumbled, sliding into the car. Richard eyed her weirdly, wondering why she gave such a cold reply. 

"Something wrong?" he asked cautiously. He watched as she fidgeted in her seat and crossed her legs and arms. She stared out the window, and angry look in her eyes. Richard instantly knew he was walking on eggshells. 

"Tell me something," she said, ignoring his question. "and be honest. Whats going on with Chris and Annmarie?" 

Richard narrowed his eyes, pulling onto the main road. "What do you mean?" 

Cora inhaled through her nose, gritting her teeth. "Are Chris and Annmarie...talking? Like is there something more between them besides friendship?" 

"I don't know why that concerns your pissy mood." Richard lied. He knew his sister like Chris alot, he just didn't know how much. 

"Just answer the damn question Richard!" she snapped.

"Fine. Yeah, I guess they are. Why?" he mumbled, tightening his grip on the steering wheel. 

"Just curious." she whispered, now back to normal. 

"Stay away from Chris, Cora." Richard said, randomly. "I'm serious. I don't want you to think of him like that, not now after he's found Annmarie." 

Cora's cheeks flushed scarlet and she turned on him. "I am not involved with Chris. It was a simple question, Jesus, Rich. And even if I was involved with him, it would be none of your business." she fumed. 

Richard shook his head. "It would be entirely my business." 

"Just drop it, okay?" Cora resumed her position of leaning her head on the window and her arms folded. 

The rest of the drive home was silent. 


Bleh. Crappy chapter, im sorry. 
But theres chapter one, Harry will come in next chapter! 
I might change this, ill let you know if i do.
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