Words Left Unspoken [HarryStyles]

"He would never make you happy. Not like I could've anyway. Because, my dear, I loved you with everything and knew you down to your bones. We could've been so happy if you had let us. If only you had let him go and loved me." - Harry Styles

A love story about a celebrity and a common girl. Enjoy.


1. Prologue

She took deep breaths through her mouth while she sat, waiting in the dark room. She nervously twiddled with her thumbs, the sound of her heart beat filling her ears. It seemed like it was the only sound in the room. She squeezed her eyes shut and curled her toes, trying to curb the nervous feeling boiling in her stomach. She let out a long breath, thinking back on her  actions, wishing she could change them. 

But she couldn't. She could only hope. 

Hope that he would come in and forgive her like he had done so many times before. No matter how bad her mistake, he forgave her, he didn't condone her. What made this time different than the other times? 

Deep down, she knew exactly what was different this time, because things stopped being the same a long time ago. She had passed the point of no return forever ago; there was no going back. Everything was messed up and it was all her fault. 

On the inside, she was kicking herself for being so reckless. Her recklessness got her into this mess. And she wasn't ready to clean it up.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the rattling of the door knob. The simple sound was enough to pick up her heart rate and send her into full out panic mode. She was tempted to pretend she was sleeping, to face the mess tomorrow. But honestly, if she was going to fix anything it needed to be now. 

The dark room flooded with light as he flipped the switch. She stared into his green orbs as he stood in the hallway before their room, watching her cautiously. His hair was slightly ruffled, his shirt rumpled and untucked. His usually bright eyes were dim, and it broke her heart. She hadn't seen their sparkle in awhile. She cleared her throat, swallowing past the lump in her throat. She averted her gaze to the wall, unable to bear the sight of the wasted-away man before her. 

"Hey," she managed to croak out. "We need to talk." she dared a glance his way, only to see he was now leaning against the wall, his jaw taut. He gave a curt nod, signaling her to continue. 

"I know I messed up and I know it looks bad, but let me explain. Its just, you were so focused on the last show, and I didn't want to distract you. You already seemed so stressed, I didn't wanna add to it." she drew in a long breath. "But, please, a second chance-" 

"A second chance," he interrupted her, giving a bitter laugh. "Im all out of second chances to give."  

She didn't like the way his words sounded, they sounded devoid of hope, and hope was all she was running on. She bit her lip, searching the plains of his perfect face. She studied it, like it was a stone head on a marble podium. She got lost in his cat-like eyes, feeling her heart melt like the first time she saw them. 

"Don't say that." she mumbled, squirming under his gaze. 

"It's true!" he roared, throwing his hands up. "I'm tired of trying to make you love me and not him! Do you understand our draining that is? Watching your girlfriend love somebody else?" he was angry. Very angry. His eyes were flashing, boring into hers. 

She sucked in a sharp breath. "You don't understand-" 

"Don't understand?" he turned on her, pushing her shoulders against the wall. He came up close to her face. "Whats there to understand? I gave my all to a girl who didn't fucking love me back." 

During his rage, something occurred to her, something huge. 

"I love you." 

The words just slipped out of her mouth. She didn't think about it, the words came to mind a flew out her mouth. It felt as if the world had been lifted off her shoulders. It was just her and him right there. 

He stared, wide-eyed, at her. "I love you. Oh gosh, see? We can make this work! I've been so foolish this whole time. But now...now we can really and truly love eachother." she breathed out, looking up at him. This was it, the pivotal moment in their relationship. She expected him to smile and take her into his arms. But he didn't. Instead, he stepped back taking his hands off her shoulders. 

Shaking his head sadly, he looked into her eyes, all the anger gone. They held pity now. "I think you the confused one now, Cora." 

She had a sinking sensation in the pit of her stomach, and she half anticipated what was coming already. Because somewhere between all the craziness that was Harry and Cora, she had fallen deeply in love with him and he had become her entire world and neither of them realized it until now. 

But it wasn't enough, she was still too late. 

"I don't love you anymore." 

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