What Humans Do

The world of gymnastics is a cruel one and when you get injured on the job you will be seen as easy prey. That's exactly what happened to me. I'm on the UK's Olympic Gymnast team and one day it's all taken from me when I left the gym on a stretcher. Now, I'm fighting my way back to the top of my team. That's the whole point of this whole stunt. Everything with him was perfect, but I couldn't allow that. I could only be with him for a year and a half. That's it. That's the whole point of this publicity stunt, to get back to the top, not to fall for each other. I would NOT, under any circumstnaces, let myself fall in love with Harry Styles.


26. Tour Talks

"Bye, Rue! It was a pleasure meeting you finally! You have to come back sometime!" Anne was saying as she was hugging us goodbye. It was finally Sunday and it was time to go. I had an early practice tomorrow morning so we were leaving Holmes Chapel around 10 AM to get back to my house at around noon. Maybe there we'd get some decent sleep.

All weekend Harry was being a restless sleeper; rolling on my, mumbling things, and then his mum would peek in and whisper 'aw how cute' and then close the door. Now, I've never been a light sleeper, but when I am staying in some unfamiliar territory I wake up at everything.

"Bye everyone! I'll come back soon!" I told everyone as I gave them a last hug and climbed into the Range Rover. Harry gave them all last hugs and climbed in beside and started the engine. It roared to life. I needed to get me a Range Rover. I loved them so much!

"Well, that was fun!" Harry said from beside me as we began the journey home.

"I liked it. Everyone was so nice. I really want to come back soon! When does your tour begin?"

"Our first show, which you have to come and see, is November 15th. It's in Manchester so right by here. After that we're going to play three more shows in the UK and then we're going to Ireland and playing two shows there and then we go to Romania to play the two shows there and then we're going all over Europe. Which reminds me, are there any other countries that you wanted to go to while we're touring? We're going to all of them so take you're pick."

It took me a minute to think about it because, if I had my way, I'd go to all of them. Not fully because of Harry, but because I just wanted to travel. "That depends on how many I can pick?"

"Management said up too five."

"Italy, Sweeden, Germany, Finland, and Norway."

Harry smilied when I said those countries. "How did I not know you'd pick those countries?"

"Oh, I don't know... Maybe because I talk about going there all the time!" I replied with sarcasm. "You know, you leave for tour in exactly a month?"

He must've known this talk would be comming up soon. He sighed and his face went into a straight line. He was wearing sunglasses so I couldn't really see the top half of his face. "Yeah, I know. I have to start the rehersals when we get back from Romania. But, the rehersals are on days you have practice and I get out either an hour ahead of you or an hour after you. It depends on the day."

"It's going to be weird without you being within a few minutes or driving distance from me... Now I'm going to be stuck at home with my cat and hamster until Darcy moves in. I talked to her when you went to bed last night, her lease isn't up till December 10th so she can't move in untill then. I'm going to be alone for a month. Why did you have to be so famous?"

"Rue, you'll be fine. You know we'll be talking or texting every possible moment. And I'm not going to be alone but I'm going to miss my two favorite girls and boy in London!"

I looked over at him giving him a strange look. "What?"

"Bellea, you, and Olliver, of course!"

I couldn't help but burst into laughter at what he said. I knew he was being serious and that didn't help calm my laughter. He treated my pets like they were our kids!

"I'm not going to forget you while I'm gone, you know?" Harry said as I was getting curled up into a little ball.

"Yeah, I know," was my response before I dozed off into sleep.


Okay, I'm going to finish Rue and Harry's year and a half and then I'm going to do my sequel and then it will be finished. That will not be for a good while though! I'm aiming for around fifty chapters from this movella and who knows from my next one! Obviously that I'm not going to say what my sequel will be about just yet, when the time comes I will :). Thank you to all my loyal readers! I've had this thing up for one month and four days now and I'm at 160+ comments, 155+ likes, and almost 300 favorites! I'm going to try and update tomorrow, no promises though! Sorry this is a filler chapter and that it's short!

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