What Humans Do

The world of gymnastics is a cruel one and when you get injured on the job you will be seen as easy prey. That's exactly what happened to me. I'm on the UK's Olympic Gymnast team and one day it's all taken from me when I left the gym on a stretcher. Now, I'm fighting my way back to the top of my team. That's the whole point of this whole stunt. Everything with him was perfect, but I couldn't allow that. I could only be with him for a year and a half. That's it. That's the whole point of this publicity stunt, to get back to the top, not to fall for each other. I would NOT, under any circumstnaces, let myself fall in love with Harry Styles.


38. SEQUEL!!!

I think it's time I start with a sequel! That means, last chapter MAY BE the last LAST chapter of 'What Humans Do'. I need y'alls help with two things.

1. Should I continue with this for a little while longer or start a sequel now?

2. Pick a name from the following for the new title:

-Halycon (It's french. Look it up.)by Ellie Goulding

-Red by Taylor Swift

-The Ballad of Rue Rotar (name twisted) by Panic! At The Disco

-Beginners by Slow Club

-Figure 8 by Ellie Goulding

-Hanging On by Ellie Goulding ft. Tinie Tempah(or however you spell it)

-I Know You Care by Ellie Goulding

-Jump Into The Fog by Wombats

-Take Care by Drake ft Rihanna

These are all songs and I will not be giving you a blurb until I know if I'm going to do a sequel now or not. You will choose based on the things that you've read so far.

Even if you are opposed to me writing a sequel now, please give me a title so I can start planning! So, go listen to the songs and vote!



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