What Humans Do

The world of gymnastics is a cruel one and when you get injured on the job you will be seen as easy prey. That's exactly what happened to me. I'm on the UK's Olympic Gymnast team and one day it's all taken from me when I left the gym on a stretcher. Now, I'm fighting my way back to the top of my team. That's the whole point of this whole stunt. Everything with him was perfect, but I couldn't allow that. I could only be with him for a year and a half. That's it. That's the whole point of this publicity stunt, to get back to the top, not to fall for each other. I would NOT, under any circumstnaces, let myself fall in love with Harry Styles.


19. Ex-Boyfriends and Feelings

"Do I have to meet them so soon?" I asked Harry. My phone was on speaker because I was packing and he called me while I was in the middle of it.

"Yes! It'll be fine! Just be yourself and they'll love you! We're only staying there for two days!" Harry said through the line.

"What am I going to do about Bellea? And Olliver, too!" Olliver was my hamster. I get lonely so I need some animals to keep me company.

I heard Harry half sigh and half laugh through the phone. "Rue, we've been over this at least ten times within the last thirty minutes. Darcy or Liam will be taking care of them! It's two days, if they go for two hours without food they will live."

I ave a sarcastic laugh. "If it was Niall he'd die. These pets are my Niall, Harry!"

It was his turn to laugh. "Look, I've already finished packing so I'll be over in ten minutes to help you, kay love?"

"Fine, but I'm not happy about you making me leave my babies, Styles! Karma will pay you a visit!"

"Can't wait! See you soon!" And our conversation had ended.

If I'm being honest with myself, Harry was certainly brining me out of my shell a lot. Before I was serious and kept to myself and now I'm fine with socializing and I can actually have some fun. It's been about two months since Harry and I had been told we had to date and every day has been harder and harder for me to resist him. He was over a few nights ago when my mother called and they spoke to each other, me translating here and there, and they have already planned a trip to Romania in about two weeks.

All of the girls met the boys and they hit it off immediately and you could already see the girls drifting towards certain boys. Darcy to Liam, although I know they both only see each other as best friends, Lauryn to Louis, Madelyn to Niall, and then Kaylyn to Zayn.

I was really happy for all of them! They all needed some romance in their lives! And I'm glad that Darcy is taking a step back from the life of romance, she needed some time single and I'm glad she has Liam to be her best guy friend. He really was an amazing guy and she needed something like that.

I see my phone light up from the other side of the room, snapping me out of my thoughts, and I walk towards it to see Kaylyn's face lighting up my screen. "Hello?"

"Hey Rue Rue! When are you leaving to meet Mama Styles?"

I groaned. "Don't even get me started! I'm so nervous! He keeps saying she's a people person so she'll love me no matter what but still! I'm so petrified! I haven't met any boys parents that I've dated since Daniel, and that was over two years ago!"

"You know Harry is nothing like Daniel. Daniel was just a guy who wanted you as a trophy girlfriend, not as a real one. He used you for almost two years and none of us really knew it. He was smart to try and become an actor because he did a damn good job of faking everything with you."

"Yeah, I know. I'm leaving tonight at around 9 so we can get there and just stay the night there and spend all day with them." I glanced at my clock and saw that it read 7:45. I gasped and practically yelled at Kaylyn, "Kay! I gotta go and finish packing! I call you the moment I get a free moment! I'll text you when we leave! Bye!"

"You better, Rue! I have some big news! Bye!" I smilied into my phone and hung up. I hadn't thought about Daniel since I'd been with Harry almsot 24/7. The paps were just loving up, we even got in a few covers as 'The Greatest Couple Since William and Kate!" which made us laugh.

I heard a knock and my head snapped in the direction of the door. I smilied and jogged out of my room towards the door and opened it to see the last person I wanted to see in a long time. Daniel.

"What are you doing here?" I asked in my serious tone. It was like any transformation that Harry had done to me was gone. I had spent two years getting over him, I didn't want to see him ever again and here he was. Standing at my door as Harry was supposed to be here. "You need to leave. My boyfriend's coming over and you're the last person on this Earth that I'd ever want to see."

He gave me the look that used to make me go weak in the knees but now it just made me want to hurl. "Rue, hear me out. We ended things wrong, why can't we try and work this out?"

"Daniel, we dated for two years. Before we even dated you lead me on for a year until you decided you liked me. We used to be perfect for each other. And then, two years, on the exact date, you end it with me. And I didn't even get an explaination. And then I find out, from one of our old mutual friends that you dated me to try and rise up to your 'natural born ability' to act. I must say, you can act. You chose the right proffession to go into because you had me and everybody else fooled until you let it slip on one drunken night to a person who cared about me more than you ever did. You will never understand how much pain you put me through and now you come and have the nerve to ask me to take you back? I'm with someone who treats me better than you, loves me more than you ever have, and will respect me better than a lot of people. He is with me for me and not to make his way to fame. You need to leave."

I tried to close the door but his booted foot was caught in the doorway. Luckily, I looked up and saw Harry standing behind him. He didn't have a face of anger, more of sheer amusement, which, for some peculiar reason, made me giggle and smile like an idiot. Daniel's smolder changed into confusion. If I'm being honest with myself, he was quite fit looking. He had chilsed features and brown eyes to match his brown hair that was spiked in the front. In a way, he looked like Liam, but Liam was better looking to me. Maybe it's because of the bitter feelings?

"Mate, you've been entertaining, but it's time you leave. She needs to pack. And I'll call the apartment security if you don't leave soon. No harsh feelings?" Harry said and held out his hand. I knew he'd have harsh feelings because from the sound of it, he'd been listening to the whole tihng. The very thought made me blush like mad.

Daniel looked at his hand in disgust and said "Whatever, I'm leaving. Have fun with Ms. Boring, pretty boy." And he turned on his heel and left.

Harry watched him leave with him hands in his pockets and then turned and gave me a smile with a questioning look which made his dimples pop out even more. "What was that about?"

"Well, Harry, I'm pretty sure you heard everything, so I'm nearly positive that you know the answer to your own question." I said as I turned away from the door and he let himself in.

"Rue, we really need to talk..." Harry said as he looked down to his feet.

I had walked into my room so I hadn't really heard him. "Come in my room, I didn't hear you."

Harry's footsteps pounded on the wood and he walked in my room and took a seat on my bed, avoiding my eyes the whole time. "I've been thinking a lot lately... A lot about you..."

"Have you? What about me?"

"I wasn't going to say anything to until I heard everything in the hall and I just got so jealous and angry at him for having you and then hurting you. It's not fair. He had you, you were his and he did that to you? Well, like I said, I wasn't going to say anything unless you did but now that I know you, I know you won't and that I was just avoiding it."

"Stop rambling, Harry, what's going on?" I asked with genuine concern. He had never been so nervous to me before.

"We have been told to fake date for a year and a half. I don't want to fake date you. I want to date you. I want everything between us to be real and we won't have to lie to our friends anymore. I want to hold you when people aren't around because your my girlfriend, not because we don't know who'll walk in the door next. I just want you to want me how I want you. I won't do anything to you that that prick did. Just, give me a chance. Please."

I looked at Harry with a stoney face and my mouth slightly open. He sounded like he was about to cry but when I had the courage too look him in the eye there wasn't a water droplet in sight.

"Why would we lead each other on like that? Why would we date for a year and however many months is left and then end it when we won't want to? Why would we do that?!"

"Because we can. We're humans! It's what humans do! They fall for the last person they should and they can't do anything about it half the time! Why can't we just try it!? Stop being so uptight for five minutes and just live life!" I hadn't even realised that Harry had gotten up and was standing in front of me with his hands in mine.

I looked down at our locked hands and I knew what to say to him.


My first major cliff hanger! And a super long chapter for my lack of updateing and my short chapters! I really hope you all like this chapter because I finally figured it was time to spice some things up! You can thank Taylor Swift, she got me into a romance mood! I'm REALLY sorry for any spelling mistakes! I have a stupid cast-y like majig. I hate it -_-

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